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Post-Game Transcript: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2015 6:17 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

Postgame vs. Carolina, December 20, 2015

Re: matchup between Beckham and Norman

A: You can see he wears it on his sleeve, he’s going to show. I really like the battle with him and Josh, it was like Floyd and Pacquiao. It was a great matchup.

Q: When that’s going on and those emotions, and he’s showing those emotions, you’re down 35-7. Is there any of that that you can feed off of positively, or is it all negative?

A: Of course. I think a lot of guys were feeding off of it, especially when he comes up big and ties the game, 35-35, for us. I think everyone fed off of it.

Q: You see that ball rolling on the ground that you’re running after on the blocked field goal. What were you thinking?

A: I was telling DRC, I had a quick replay in my head, just replayed him scooping up the ball from the Cowboys. But I don’t think I was as smooth as him. I was just making sure, “Just let me scoop it.” I’m glad I made a play for the team.

Q: At what point did you guys feel that you were going to come all the way back?

A: I don’t think we ever checked out. Coach Merritt, our safeties’ coach, just kept talking about like, “Hey, I’ve seen this story before.” He brought up, I think Houston and somebody, I forgot who he brought up. Buffalo, yeah. Then I think that guys were just believing and before we came out for halftime, Odell said something in the huddle and just told everyone, “Hey, I believe in you guys. I believe in me, I know you guys believe in me, and we’ve got to believe together. Let’s go do this.” I think everyone was just buying in.

Q: Team huddle?

A: Team huddle. Every time we when we go in, offense, defense talks to each other, and after that everyone comes up as a team, Coach has something and then anyone else who says stuff says something and that was Odell.

Q: At halftime you’re talking about?

A: At halftime, yeah.

Q: As exciting as the comeback was, how disappointing is it to fall short again?

A: I don’t want to say I’m almost numb to it because, like Art said, we’ve been here. You’re disappointed but you have no one to blame but yourself. There were so many times we’ve shot ourselves in the foot in this game. Carolina does a great job of taking advantage of teams’ mistakes and they did that today.

Q: Do you walk out of here thinking you’re still alive?

A: I’m not educated on how everything works. I know the Redskins won, Dallas lost yesterday, and the Eagles play tonight. Right now the Redskins are in the lead and we’re just trying to win out these two games and we’ll see what happens.
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