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Post-Game Transcript: DT Cullen Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/20/2015 6:21 pm
DT Cullen Jenkins

Postgame vs. Carolina, December 20, 2015

Q: This game, you turned the momentum a big way, did you feel like you were going to roll through here?

A: Yeah, I thought we were. After we tied up the game, we go out there on defense and we get another stop. We had three timeouts, so let’s get a stop and get it back to the offense and win this thing in regulation, and we didn’t come up with the play.

Q: What does it do to a team to lose this many games on the last play? I think this is the fourth time.

A: On the one end, you realize you can play with anybody, but on the other end, you’re not giving yourselves the opportunity to continue to play, to be able to play with anybody. We’ve got to get these wins. We’ve got to get these wins if we want to continue our season.

Q: With the Redskins winning today, a lot of things have to happen. Is it difficult now that you are likely out?

A: You can’t have that mindset. We’re definitely running out of chances. Our chances are like you said and a lot of things have to happen now. We’ve got to come back and win. We’ve got to get ready for Minnesota now and do whatever we can to win.

Q: Does it feel strange the way you guys came back all the way and still not completing the job?

A: In the end, that’s a loss and although we fought, we fought hard, at the end, we still lost. We didn’t do enough, we had a chance to get off the field at the end when the score was tied and we’ve got to come through in that situation.
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