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Wednesday Media Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/23/2015 4:19 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

December 23, 2015


A:Öjust like every week, come out here and try to win the game. The guys know what weíre up against, and we have to win the last two, itís no question about it. We must win the last two and hopefully everything falls into place.

Q: Do you notice a distraction factor based on what went on this past weekend with Odell?

A: Nope.

Q: It seemed awfully quiet in practiceÖ

A: No it wasnít, practice went great today. A lot has happened this past week or whatever, but weíre all football players, weíre grown men, so we know how to handle the situation.

Q: Donít you still consider yourself one of the leaders of this team?

A: I lead by my play, how I play the game, so Iím not really a (verbal) person like that. The way I play the game, people follow me.

Q: Silent Assassin type?

A: Yeah.

Q: Youíve played against so many great running backs in your career. Adrian Peterson, from what you see on tape with him, what makes him different and makes him so special? Some people think heís the best ever.

A: Since Iíve been in this league, I donít know how many times I played him, maybe twice, I donít know, but heís a good running back. Heís one of the best ever and we have to face him this week. We have to contain and play gap sound, but weíre going to have to do the job up front, we have to play the run.

Q: What about his skillset though?

A: Heís everywhere. You look on film, you cut back right and you look like youíre going to make the tackle, and heís just up the field for another 25 yards. Heís a powerful running back, he breaks tackles, and just keeps on going. Heís a great running back and thatís all I have to say about that. Heís a big challenge for us on the d-line this week and we have to play our part and stop the run.

Q: So from your standpoint, is that a, ďOh I have to contain this guy?Ē

A: I have to get him.

Q: Or do you get motivated?

A: I get motivated; I think all the guys here get motivated. Heís one of the top running backs in this league. He sat out last year, if I can remember, and he came back and he doesnít look like heís missed a beat. Like I say, heís one of the greatest running backs that have ever played this game and still playing, and we have to face him on Sunday. Itís going to be a big challenge for the defensive line but weíre ready and I like playing run plays. I like playing the run. Itís something Iím good at, and still good at. Iím getting better, so itís going to be a big challenge for me and Iím up to it.

Q: What challenges does the team face if Odell [Beckham] is not there?

A: Guys have to step up, Iím pretty sure theyíre going to let us know whatís going to happen, but guys have to step up. Iím pretty sure Hakeem [Nicks] is going to step up and play the game. Itís just like when I wasnít here and the other guys stepped up, but thatís a big loss if heís not here. But like I say, itís the next man up and thatís the game of football. You never know whatís going to happen and thatís what makes it so exciting.

Q: Are you guys even thinking about playoffs at this point?

A: Weíre just thinking about this game right here. This game is more important, all the other games we shouldíve won but we didnít is all in the past now. Itís just this game right now and we play this game and hopefully everything falls into place.
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