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Wednesday Media Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/23/2015 4:20 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

December 23, 2015

Q: The running game has gotten much better the last couple of weeks and now with Nikita Whitlock on injured reserve, how much does that change the momentum built up because it looks like he helped a lot?

A: Yeah, definitely. Hes a dynamic player, big player for us. He can play all three aspects of the ball, offense, defense and special teams so hes going to be missed, he cant be replaced. Guys are going to have the opportunity to step up and continue to build on the momentum weve been able to garnish throughout the course of the end of this season.

Q: Given the Vikings defensive front, I hear they are tough, physical, one of the better fronts, so how can you expect to build off your momentum and what can you see in terms of how to attack?

A: Theyre stout. Their secondary is, too, so its a good defense were going against. Weve just got to worry about us and making sure we understand the ins and outs of the plays that were going to be running, finding ways to keep Eli clean, and doing it for four quarters. It will be a good challenge and were excited to continue the success that weve had both in the pass and the run game.

Q: If Odells not there, what does that mean for you and the running game?

A: Odell is an outstanding player, its not a player you replace. Its a player you miss out on the field, but its a great opportunity for all the other guys in this locker room that we have, completely capable of going out there and getting the job done. Im excited to see everybody else get an opportunity to step up and find a way to help us get a win.

Q: Obviously there is going to be less passing and more running if hes not there?

A: You never know whats going to happen before going into a game. As a player, I can probably speak for everybody, youre always ready. If we run the ball, well be ready. If we pass the ball, we want to remain balanced and weve got the guys in here with the skillset to make sure we stay balanced. Were just going to go out there and play Giants football.
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