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Thursday Media Transcript: LB Jasper Brinkley

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/24/2015 3:26 pm
LB Jasper Brinkley

December 24, 2015

Re: Adrian Peterson

A: He will be thought of as one of the greats when heís done playing, and more than likely, he will be. Just a hard-worker, man, and it pays and it shows. Great guy, heís like family to me.

Q: You guys are close?

A: Yeah, yeah.

Q: Stay in touch?

A: Yeah, heíll be at my wedding this offseason.

Q: Is it the collision with him when youíre coming up with him?

A: I think itís the combination of both, speed to power with him. Especially with how explosive he is, and heís strong. Physical guy, man.

Q: Ever gone against anyone else in your wedding party?

A: No. Nope, nope.

Q: Is he a groomsman or is it depending on how he plays this weekend?

A: No, heís invited. Heíll just be a regular guest.

Q: Spags said yesterday that youíre going to be juiced up for this game. Is that true?

A: Itís our next game. Iím just happy to be able to play. I spent five years of my career there, had some great memories there. Just happy to be playing, man.

Q: Have a chance to go to Mall of America and all that?

A: Iíll be studying, resting up for the game.

Q: Not a lot of night games there outdoors.

A: Right, right. I know how the weather is going to be, so Iím already prepared.

Q: How are you preparing?

A: You just mentally have to be prepared for the cold weather.

Q: Have you guys thought about what itís going to be likeóyou get there Saturday night, obviously the stuff youíre required to do with meetings and everything else. Thereís obviously a game on TV for you guys that directly affects what you have left with Philly and Washington. Are you one of those guys who wants to watch it, you want to see what happens?

A: Iím not, Iím not. The only thing thatís on my mind right now is going out, having a great game against the Vikings, collectively, defensively, being able to contain 28, and just have a good game overall.

Q: So will you not even watch it if itís on?

A: Probably not. Iíll probably be talking to my family.

Q: What makes it so hard to bring AP down?

A: Strong, physical. Heís the last of a dying breed. Just how violent he runs, speed, explosiveness, all those things. You donít see many backs with that anymore.

Q: Is it true what they say about his handshakes?

A: Oh yeah, itís strong. Itís strong.

Q: Strongest you ever had?

A: Yeah, definitely.

Q: Did you guys come in together or no?

A: No. He and my college roommate, Sidney Rice, they were roommates when they came into Minnesota. When I got drafted in í09, they made sure I was okay in everything I did.

Q: So how many years were they there before you?

A: Two. Yeah, two.

Q: And Sidney too?

A: Yep.
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