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Thursday Media Transcript: WR Rueben Randle

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/24/2015 3:28 pm
WR Rueben Randle

December 24, 2015

Re: playing without Beckham

A: Ölike I say, we have to make sure weíre all on the same page, know what weíre doing, and really have a good game.

Q: You guys could use this as a rallying point, especially in your room, since one of yours is taken away from you temporarily.

A: Yeah, we definitely have to take advantage andÖWe know how much he [Odell Beckham] wants to be here with us and from the type of player he is, he really wants to be here, so we just have to go out there and play for him.

Q: Knowing how much attention he [Beckham] draws and how defenses really game plan for him, how much different do you think the Vikings defense will play you guys without him in the lineup?

A: I donít think theyíll change it, theyíre pretty good at what they do, and obviously theyíre going to make a specific game plan for us. Theyíre a pretty good defense, solid everywhere, all the way around, so I donít see why they would try to change what theyíre been doing all season to play us.

Q: I know youíre handling it the same way, but this will be a different kind of role. Youíve never been the number one guy here.

A: Yeah.

Q: Is that?

A: I mean, I really havenít been looking at it that way. My main focus is to make sure I know the entire game plan and whatever they need me to do, I have to do and be able to step up and do the job.

Q: I donít know if you guys pay attention to whatís happening on the outside, but when people say the receivers are going to be nothing without him, does that kind of motivate you?

A: I donít pay attention to it.

Q: When you guys get to Minnesota, are you going to watch the Eagles/Washington game?

A: Of course. Weíre going to pay attention it, and hopefully Philly can pull it out for us.

Q: Is it going to be strange watching your own fate?

A: Right, itís a little different, but I think weíll be willing to accept it at this point.

Q: Have you thought much about the environment, they say itís going to 4 degrees on Sunday night, and the coldest youíve played is 41 [degrees] last week.

A: I really havenít tried to think about that part yet. I know everyone is talking about how cold it is in Minnesota, but I think mentally, it has to be all on football. You have to be able to block it out and go out there and try to get a win in any way possible.

Q: Do you do anything special to prepare for that, like play with a ball thatís heavy or anything? Iím sure that ball is going to be like a rock.

A: No, I donít think so. I donít know if coach [Coughlin] has something up his sleeve, maybe itíll change. As far as me, I have to catch the ball whenever it comes my way.

Q: Whatís the coldest game you ever played in?

A: I have no idea. I donít think itís been 4 degrees.

Q: Youíll find out.

A: Yeah, I will find out.
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