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Wednesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/30/2015 3:06 pm
QB Eli Manning

December 30, 2015

Q: Pat Shurmur is going to coach this week, obviously Chip Kelly not there. Does that effect the way you prepare for this game?

A: No. Weíre playing the Philadelphia Eagles and their players and their team. Weíve got to do a good job of getting prepared. Going against a good defense, good players, and make sure we know what our job is and go out there and play well.

Q: How important is it for you to end on a high note?

A: The whole team, everybody, wants to end on a high note and play well. Understand weíve got a great opportunity to go play football, something we all love to do, and we cherish these opportunities. So letís go out there and play at a high level and enjoy playing the game.

Q: Are you surprised about what happened to Chip Kelly?

A: I didnít know about it, so I guess, yeah, I was surprised.

Q: How much do you think Odell Beckham is going to help being back?

A: Heís one of our go-to guys, so definitely be good having him back, have him in the mix. Hopefully get him involved, but it should open up the other guys to get the ball as well.

Q: Do you have to talk to him in any way? Obviously to try and prevent anything similar to before? Tone down anything?

A: No, I think just, ďLetís go play football.Ē I think thatís the mindset. I think heís learned from that. Itís not something that was a recurring theme, it was a one-time deal. So I think heís learned from it.

Q: Tom Coughlin has talked a lot about trying to deflect the attention from him and obviously his status, he said heís talked to you guys about that. What does that mean to you guys and how do you take that?

A: Just understand he wants us to go out there and just worry about playing football, worry about having our mind on our assignments, our job, our practice, and getting ready to play this football game. He doesnít want us to be distracted with anything else.

Q: Is there a human nature element to it? Particularly for you, youíve been here your entire career with him, wondering what might happen?

A: I donít think it helps to wonder. I think just follow his lead and listen to what he says, and just worry about going to play football and doing our job.

Q: Coach Coughlin described Odell as a little more quiet in meetings. It didnít look like he was dancing as much as he normally does on the practice field. Did you notice that? Is he a little bit quieter since he came back today?

A: I hadnít noticed anything yet. Iím not in many meetings with him. Still want him to bring the same energy and same enthusiasm that he brings to practice and to games. So just go out there and play football and do his job at a high level.

Q: Tom Coughlin is the only coach youíve known here in the NFL. Do you go into this game thinking this could be your last game with him?

A: No, I think you go into the game just trying to listen and pay attention to what our coaches say. From the quarterback coach, to the offensive coordinator, to the head coach, listen to their words. He told us to focus on the game and going out there and playing well, so thatís what we want to do.

Q: Odell is close to a couple of team records with this one final game to go. So many questions were, ďWhatís he going to do in year two?Ē What was your impression of how his season has gone? Again, heís missed a game and yet he still has a chance for some records.

A: Odell, I think heís had a great year two. Heís worked hard and definitely improved in a number of areas. I think itís fun having him at practice, at games. Heís playing at a high level.

Q: You saw last week the second there was a scrap, they ejected guys. Do you feel in a way that Odell has to be careful in the way that heís going to be officiated at this point because of what happened? It was in front of a lot of people and the league obviously pined on it afterwards.

A: Again, I donít think it was a recurring theme, it was a one-time deal. I think we should be in good shape. Heís just got to go do his job. Heís got to block and be physical and go catch passes.

Q: Last game of the season, you know thereís no playoffs. What does the difference between a win and a loss make in the season finale?

A: I think just going into the offseason and not feeling too down. Obviously youíre disappointed, but kind of have that last memory to be something to be proud of. All you can do is handle the circumstances that youíre in. This is our circumstance, so try to make the best of it and get a win.

Q: Does it ever cross your mind that this could also be Tom Coughlinís going out moment?

A: No. I think just worry about this one game and going out there and beating Philadelphia and doing our job.
The Manning boys  
Big Blue '56 : 12/30/2015 3:09 pm : link
learned a great deal about handling the media as well as they do from their Dad..

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