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Thursday Media Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2015 4:31 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

December 31, 2015

Q: What, if anything, as you go into the final game against Philly, do you take from the first meeting with them knowing that they just changed head coaches?

A: We can take this is, speaking from the offensive standpoint, this is a good defense. They fly around, aggressive up front, the linebackers can cover well and fill in the gaps, and the secondary is good at having an umbrella. This is obviously the last game for them, thereís a lot of pride to be played for. A lot of guys want to prove and continue to show their worth in this game that we so much love. Itís going to be a good fight. Itís in the division and itís always a heated battle between us.

Q: The rivalry between the Giants and Eagles transcends a lot of numbers anyway. Doesnít that kind of give you the extra boost and motivation for the game?

A: No doubt. First and foremost, throw the record book out. Regardless of the record, regardless of stats, this is a game. Neither one of us have the opportunity to continue playing after this, so whatever is left out on the field, thatís what you have to taste until next year. Everybodyís going to go out there and put their best foot forward, continue to fight for this organization, for the team, for the guys beside you, and go out there and find a way to get a win because that will symbolize, for the guys in this locker room, some of the ups and downs that we went through, to finish the season with a win at home.

Q: Youíve been around the league a while and you know that when a season ends, there are going to be X number of guys, whether itís coaches or players, who wonít be back. Is that a bittersweet kind of feeling and does that kind of add to the emphasis of going out, like you say, together with a win because this may be the last time youíre all together as a team?

A: Right, 100 percent. Playing in the league, you know if you play, no matter if youíre with the same organization year in and year out, you play with a different team every single year. So regardless, this is the very last time this locker room will ever look like this. For all the relationships, all the hard work we put in behind the scenes when the camera is not around, when the coach is not around, we all want to go out here and give each other what we deserve. And thatís to fight and get a win.

Q: Youíve played for several coaches. How do you grade Tom Coughlin? How do you feel about him?

A: Love him, thereís no doubt. I love Coach Coughlin. The very first thing, I say this all the time, I noticed from him the very first day I got here, something he said that kind of reiterates who he is, ďFaces may change but expectations never do.Ē Iíve always seen him lead in that way, too. Heís an awesome coach.

Q: You also have been in the NFL a long time. If a change is made, would it be understandable though?

A: Thatís outside of my pay grade or my ability to even dive into. The only thing I know is Iím a player, and I got to go out there and fight. Like I said before, for myself personally, I donít need to know the record, I donít need to know what the score is, I just need to know the down and distance. Iím going to go out there and fight for every yard, fight every single play Iím in. Thatís the attitude youíve got to have.
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