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Post-Game Transcript: CB Prince Amukamara

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/3/2016 5:28 pm
CB Prince Amukamara

Postgame vs. Philadelphia, January 3, 2016

Q: When you look back at this game, itís almost a microcosm of the whole season, not being able to finish the game. How frustrating is that?

A: Itís very frustrating not winning, especially trying to start off the New Year right with a win. Yeah, it started down in Dallas with not finishing the fourth quarter. This was the same case.

Q: Do you have any sense about Tom Coughlin here afterwards and did you find yourself thinking about him at any point today, possibly being his last game?

A: Itís kind of hard to not think about it. I would say everyone in this organization tried real hard to not talk about it. Itís funny, it was kind of like subliminal messages, like, ďWe know who weíre playing this game for, and letís finish.Ē And we didnít finish. Iím sure everyone feels like they let that person down. To answer your question, I would say everyone tried real hard to not talk about it.

Q: You had so many injuries at safety, lost a starter again today. For you as a corner, how hard is it to get any kind of continuity? Tight ends had another big day against you guys.

A: Like you said, continuity is important. The consistency is important in the backend, just so you know the guys that youíre working with and the guys that youíre able to talk to and stuff, and build a relationship on the field. Since that wasnít the case, you just have to midstream adjust and just play with whoís ever out there. Even though our safeties werenít there, we did have corners at safety, so we still kind of had that communication there. Safety was foreign to them, but they did get some reps at it at practice, but thatís not their normal spot. I think they played well.

Q: Did Tom say anything to the group collectively after the game?

A: Yeah, he went through his normal routine. He called us up, gave us his analysis of the game like he always does. We did the ďOur FatherĒ prayer and we broke it down as a team.

Q: Any thoughts of this might be your last game with the Giants? Going into the game?

A: Driving up here, it was definitely in my head. Thereís a lot of stuff I want to do, whether itís go to someoneís tailgate and say, ďWhatís up?Ē Do a lap around the field and say, ďWhatís upĒ to the fans. Not winning this game really put a bad taste in my mouth. To answer your question, I was thinking about it all week. Itís kind of hard to block it out, but just being the realist I am, those things popped in my head.
The NY Giants have to acquire one of three FA CB's next season  
Torrag : 1/3/2016 5:33 pm : link
They are Janoris Jenkins, Sean Smith and Prince Amukamara. Prior to this season my preference would have been to re-sign Prince who we drafted.

As of now I'd explore acquiring both other options before Prince. While I believe he showed grit and toughness this season playing hurt his overall performance lags behind the other two players.
Wouldnt offer him at all.  
LauderdaleMatty : 1/3/2016 6:08 pm : link
Prior to be season I was hoping they'd get him long term. Now with another injury filled hear along w a huge fall off since he got back he's not worth what he will want.

Really Good kid. He tries hard but they need and upgrade there Wish him the best but Ive said it before he's Beason. Never healthy.
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