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Monday Media Transcipt: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/4/2016 1:36 pm
QB Eli Manning

January 4, 2016

Q: Did you sense todayís meeting with Coach Coughlin was the final meeting?

A: I donít know whatís going to happen, really. Iím not going to say anything or speculate until I hear one way or another. Itís always a tough day, the last day. You know itís coming but just itís tough to finish a season and be disappointed about how it finished.

Q: What was Coachís mood if you could tell us?

A: I think he was appreciative of the players, of the guys, of our work. I think he talked about our effort and saying no one can question that for every game this year.

Q: Iím sensing this is a tough day for you?

A: It is. Weíll see what happens but weíll handle whatever occurs and move on.

Q: Youíve always said youíre not one to knock on the ownerís door and go in and talk about things. Did you have that urge in this instance or is it the same let things happen the way things happen?

A: Yeah you just got toóthere are some things you canít control and I think the Maraís and the Tischís know how I feel about Coach Coughlin and the respect I have for him and I think heís done a great job and he definitely has not failed. I feel that we as players, we failed him by not playing to the level that we could.

Q: What can you say about your experience with Coughlin since coming here.

A: Heís been a great coach to play for and Iíve learned so much from him, from an early age when I got here to every year. Just continued to meet with him and talk football and Xís and Oís and strategies and heís got a great football mind and loves what heís doing and a great passion and itís a great example of how you should handle your job and love what youíre doing.

Q: Not every quarterback gets to play his whole career with one with one head coach so obviously you have a unique situation at this point. Youíre also 35, youíve had two great years in a row, how difficult would it be for you right now to have a new coaching staff, a new system, to go through that at this point?

A: It obviously would not be ideal, but we didnít get the job done and so whatever occurs Iíll handle it, but we just got to see what happens.

Q: Is this emotional for you to think about the possibility of losing the only coach youíve had?

A: Yeah, it is. The meeting today, just thinking that it could be the last one with Coach Coughlin up there was tough.

Q: When you look back at your experience with Tom, 183 consecutive starts, which is the most consecutive starts in history. How would you describe the experience, what has it been like for you and if this is the last time youíre playing under Tom what is that going to be like?

A: Heís been a great coach to play under. We have a great relationship, great trust. I appreciate the way he works, I think he appreciates the way I handle my business and play quarterback and prepare and get ready. Weíve had a good run, couldíve been better, obviously, but I appreciate everything heís done for me.

Q: If you did go through with Coach McAdoo going forward, what kind of respect do you have for him?

A: Great respect for Coach McAdoo and the whole offensive staff. I think weíve done good things and I feel very comfortable, I think we work well. Last year it was tough. It was a lot going on and very new and trying to learn, but I bought into it because I trusted him, trusted the offensive staff and felt great this year about what we were able to do offensively, scored a lot of points, moved the ball well, and have great respect for all of our coaches.

Q: Do you have any gut feeling here about whatís going to happen?

A: No, I mean maybe, but Iím not going to say anything until something is official.
He knows.  
silverfox : 1/4/2016 1:38 pm : link
They all know.
Very sad, if true, Tom Coughlin is one of the two  
Thatís Gold, Jerry : 1/4/2016 1:45 pm : link
greatest coaches in my 54 years of watching Giant football.

A great coach and, from all appearances, a great man, father, grandfather etc.

This is not, in any way, shape or form, like letting Fassel go or Reeves or Handley...this is a great coach, a great representative of the Giants.

Frankly, Eli not the only one who's crying and I am not ashamed to admit it.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/4/2016 1:49 pm : link
is the video... - ( New Window )
Never seen Eli as down as that before  
strive4five : 1/4/2016 1:50 pm : link
during a public session... Towards the end you can definitely see him choke up.
Eli sure knows  
Sec 103 : 1/4/2016 1:54 pm : link
Sad day in Jints land...
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