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Transcript: Tight Ends Coach Kevin M. Gilbride

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/1/2016 4:43 pm
Tight Ends Coach Kevin M. Gilbride

April 1, 2016

Re: Will Tyeís rookie season

A: It really wasnít a surprise. He was a kid who we knew had some talent. It was one of those things where when he came in the spring last yearóbecause thatís when he came inóhe made a lot of mistakes, whether it be physical or mental. At the end of training camp, he was starting to show signs that he could really get the job doneÖjust very inconsistent. Well, thatís a rookieóthatís a rookie free agent, so you should expect that from him. We kept him on the practice squad and then he developed. We always knew he had a skillset, especially receiving the football, and some of the explosiveness he has. It wasnít necessarily a surprise that he came on, but it was gratifying to see it happen because you knew he had it in him.

Q: What do you want to see from him in year two?

A: I want to see him develop as a finisher in the run game. He has an initial strike thatís impressive when he gets off on the snap count, which needs to improve. But I want to see him finish, and a big part of that is pad level.

Q: When you look back at the overall performance of the tight ends, Iím sure you can agree they can get better. How much of that was getting used to the new offensive line?

A: I think there has to be some continuity. No doubt you get better and improve with continuity. But for the most part, as long as the same techniques are being taught to the same men, which they are, typically you can develop as a player, and then the man next to you is going to develop as a player as well, as long as those techniques are being executed. So the in and out wasnít necessarily a large factor, I just think we need to improve as a tight end group as far as our finishing in the run game, and then working those combination blocks with tight ends-tackles. Thatíll come with the more they continue to do it, these are young guys still. Really Larry (Donnell) started to develop before he got hurt, which was a shame that he ended up going down for the year.

Q: Because Donnell is so tall, he struggles to get low. Do you see that as well?

A: Heís got two things: He can either stiff arm or lower his shoulder, so thatís one. Be aggressive with the defender, or jump over him. Those are the two things, thatís it. But either way, heís got to protect the football. The last thing we want him to do is bend at the waist and straighten his legs, and thatís what he has a tendency to do, especially in the 2014 year. He improved in the 2015 year, but still, thereís growth still yet to be had in that area. Itís two-foldóitís protecting the football, and itís protecting himselfóand thatís very important for him moving forward in his career.
This guy can coach  
RetroJint : 4/1/2016 11:22 pm : link
2 undrafted projects from jerk-ball programs. Perfect analysis of Donnell's Summersault then Fumble sequence. Get him a true horse. A guy who can block quality defenders on the edge. Who can stay in and stone a backer for Eli.
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