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Transcript: Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/1/2016 4:49 pm
Linebackers Coach Bill McGovern

April 1, 2016

Q: You know for the last many years that the Giants linebackers have been a sore spot. They havenít had impact guys, so to speak. How much does that concern you, having to resuscitate a position that was of legendary proportion at one time and has kind of gone to pedestrian?

A: When we get into the linebacker room, it is going to be that group in there and we are going to try and develop our skills as best we can and maximize everything that we can do in there. Again, without having a chance to interact with guys and have a chance to see them on the field moving around, I canít really make any evaluations of the guys truly until that point. I am excited to work with them and I have heard nothing but great things about a lot of them. If you watch anyoneís game tape, there are positives and negatives for all of them, but you want to make sure you are putting the guys in the best position.

Q: Has the concept of what linebackers are asked to do changed dramatically over the last several years?

A: It can because you are getting a bunch of different schemes. There is some skill level there that what are you going to ask him to do and what we are all doing as coaches and as a staff is we are trying to figure out what our guys do best and put them in the best position to have success.

Q: Do you want a linebacker in the first round?

A: We will get who we feel is the best for the organization and we will move on from there.

Q: The idea of those former linebackers. You could choose to ignore it and kind of run away from the legends of the LTs, the Banks, the Carsons. Do you do the opposite?

A: I think that when you walk into the linebacker meeting room and to the right of the door is LTís picture, I think it kind of makes a statement to the guys going in there that the bar has been set pretty high.

Q: Was LT one of your favorites growing up?

A: There were a lot, but he was definitely one of them.
Who the hell  
ryanmkeane : 4/1/2016 4:54 pm : link
is asking these questions? What garbage, honestly.
I'm a Linebacker coach  
Elite Mobster #32 : 4/1/2016 5:29 pm : link
and I coach my Linebackers to swarm ....Did you get that feeling or No ...Not really
A Little  
RetroJint : 4/1/2016 10:11 pm : link
Donald Pleasence (RIP) action with this guy?
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