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Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/21/2016 4:22 pm
DE Olivier Vernon

April 21, 2016

Q: You had a chance to play against the New York Giants last season. What did you notice most and what drew you to this organization?

A: I noticed we lost that game. It was a good team and it was a hard fought game, but as far as playing against the offense, they did what they had to do. I didnít realize how good Odell Beckham was until I saw him in person on the field and he pretty much torched us. Eli Manning made some throws. When it came down to it, I saw how it was as far as an offense that can put up some points. Thatís pretty much one thing that attracted me a lot.

Q: Have you been told how youíll be used here?

A: I would think strictly as a defensive end. Whatever the game plan is, however the scheme is run, Iím going to just run it with however I can contribute.

Q: You expect just to be used as a defensive end?

A: Iíve dropped before. I came from a system where we dropped the past four years, so it wonít be anything different.

Q: Would you be comfortable moving around?

A: I played a little bit on the opposite side. I donít know. Itís just something I have to get adjusted to if that tends to happen. Iím really comfortable on the right side. Iíve always played the right side.

Re: getting to know new teammates

A: Since day one, a lot of the guys came up to me and said whatís up and made me feel welcome. As far as the whole process of OTAís and leading into training camp, itís pretty much about gelling together and becoming one as a team.

Q: Do you view this as a completely new chapter for you? Youíve spent most of your life in Miami.

A: Yes. I spent my whole life there. My whole life in Miami. 25 years. Itís different. Itís a different chapter. Being able to see something different, a bigger city, a faster pace, but itís always good to have a change of scenery from time to time and Iím glad I chose this spot to make my home.

Q: How has the transition been living in this area?

A: For the most part, itís been pretty cold. Iím not used to that yet around this time of the year, but itís something I can get used to. I already know when the season comes along itís going to get a heck of a lot colder.

Q: Have you ever seen snow?

A: Itís just different. Iíve played in cold weather. Iíve played in snow before. Iíve never lived in snow and have never had to shovel snow a day in my life. The only thing I had to worry about is hurricanes and the sun, but I donít think it will be too bad.

Q: With a new coach and high profile players, do you get a sense thereís a different vibe than a team would have that has lost in recent years?

A: It starts once we get pads on. It doesnít really matter who you add to the team. If thereís no chemistry, nothing is going to get done. Once you get pads on and you see how everything starts going, everything starts flowing, then you take it from there.

Q: How has the communication been going with the guys?

A: Itís going pretty well. When I came to the building, a lot of the guys approached me and said their name. I felt welcomed. Thatís a good feeling. Itís like the first day of school. Youíre the new guy at school and pretty much trying to get to know everybody. From that aspect, I feel like everything is going pretty smooth right now.

Q: How is it being around Jason Pierre-Paul?

A: Heís a cool guy, cool dude. When I spoke to him, he pretty much stressed about getting back on top and having something to prove. Winning. Heís been there. He knows what it takes to get there. The biggest thing is to get these wins. Weíve got to win. Itís not easy.

Q: With this group of defensive players, who is the guy that people gravitate towards?

A: A lot of the guys, from what Iíve seen, JT (Thomas). JPP speaks up. Heís been a leader here, since heís been here. A lot of the guys look up to them. Iím glad to be a part of it.

Q: Whatís your sense of Ben McAdoo?

A: I feel like heís a good guy. As far as his first team meeting, first day, he laid it out. He showed his whole plan of what he wanted to accomplish. Straightforward. I get the sense heís not going to play games with you. Heís going to tell you how it is. Thatís the kind of coaching that I like.
Gmen108021 : 4/21/2016 5:32 pm : link
a leader? lol well talk about not leading by example
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