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Transcript: C Weston Richburg

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/21/2016 5:24 pm
C Weston Richburg

April 21, 2016

Q: Weston, whatís the biggest difference now that Ben McAdoo is your head coach?

A: I think we still have some time to find out. I think heís the kind of guy thatís going to be the same no matter what his title is, and as players, you can respect that, because you want a guy thatís going to be the same day in and day out, but so far, the time weíve had, the short time weíve had with him and the new staff has been great and we had experience obviously with him as our offensive coordinator last year and the year before, and it was a pleasant experience, so I think we have a good leader there at the head coach job.

Q: What are your thoughts on the new offensive line coach, Mike Solari?

A: The guy is extremely smart, extremely detail oriented, which are two really important things for an offensive line, so I think itís definitely going to show up in our play. We have been able to kind of change some terminology within our offense to kind of help guys be more sure of themselves in certain plays, and I think with his attention to detail, I think thatís going to pay a huge dividend for us.

Q: Are you guys going to do stuff differently technique-wise, and if so, how much would you sort of estimate?

A: There will be little differences here and there. Each coach has their own way that they want things done. Some are similar, but obviously with a new guy, heís going to want things done kind of a different way. Weíre not reinventing the wheel or anything, but thereís just certain things that he likes that may be different than what weíve done in the past.

Q: Weston, what did you go into the offseason wanting to improve in your game or change or work on?

A: Obviously itís all about performance. I want to increase strength, mobility, my football intelligence as a center. Obviously last year was the first year at center, so I think itíll be huge for me to kind of increase my intelligence from that perspective and be able to kind of help run the offense better since I have a little more experience there Ė but like I said strength, mobility, skill, are three big things that I want to continuously work on and try to improve.

Q: Sometimes when thereís a coaching change, everything changes. Thatís not the case here, so do you feel some of that continuity Ė how pleased are you that itís not learning everything over again?

A: As a player, I think weíre all really excited about that fact as there is continuity on both sides of the ball and special teams, so there shouldnít be any struggle picking up the offense and it should be a good amount of recall there from the last two years. And I think installation-wise we should be able to install some different wrinkles because, like I said, weíre more experienced, weíre going into our third year in the same offense, so we should be able to get a little more creative with some of the things we do.

Q: Can you just talk a little bit about last yearsí experience Ė you had 5 guys in new spots, including yourself. What did you learn from that that you may take forward, especially with the right side of the line still kind of up in the air?

A: I learned from leadership skills Ė I think as a center, youíre really the quarterback of the offensive line, so I was able to kind of take that role and itís evident to me how much of an impact I do have on these guys. If Iím positive, theyíre able to be positive easily. If Iím negative, maybe that affects them, so itís important for me to kind of be level-headed and always be aware that guys are watching me, and I need to be that point of influence in a positive way for those guys.

Q: What are the differences with the new strength coach, new weight room, that whole program so far?

A: Oh, itís been great. The thing I like about it is itís all position specific, so you donít see linemen out there running 110-yard sprints. We kind of mix it up Ė today we did some little longer sprints than we usually do, but then we mix it in with some medicine ball throws, working on hip explosion, those types of things that are more applicable to offensive linemen than just straight line sprinting, which is good.

Q: Did they present it to you as these are the changes, this is why, this is what we hope to accomplish?

A: I think coach Wellman has done a good job of explaining the point behind doing certain things, but it really hasnít been a stop and instruct. Itís kind of been just letís go do it and he explains as weíre going through it why we do it and how it applies to the game.

Q: Does it jive with the stuff youíre kind of doing on your own in the offseason?

A: Yeah, it definitely does. I like his mindset and I like the things that we do. Like I said, I really enjoy the position specific aspect of it, because I think thatís really important.

Q: Was it not position specific before, was it kind of general - ?

A: Oh, Iím not saying that at all, it definitely was, it definitely was. Like I said, the linemen were not sprinting, doing what the wide receivers do. Iím just expressing how I like that the transition weíve made is still position specific and weíre still doing whatís necessary for offensive linemen.

Q: So what is different about it, I mean Coach McAdoo said they changed the way Ė

A: Itís a different guy who has obviously different equipment, new equipment and as players thatís just Ė I guess thatís how this business goes- thereís new people, you gotta learn how they do things and adjust to it and itís been a good adjustment so far.

Q: As the quarterback of an offensive line, do you have to often communicate with defensive coaches as to what youíre seeing and have to Ė

A: I donít think that happens a lot. Thatís where maybe an offensive position coach and a defensive position coach communicate in that way. Me, as a player, I can communicate with a defensive player in that manner, but I donít think theyíre going to come ask my opinion on what I see. Iím open to it, but Ė

Q: I meant for you to ask their opinion about what youíre seeing and Ė

A: I donít deal with them a lot, to be honest. Itíll be more me going to my position coach and talking with him about it.

Q: Ideally youíd like to have continuity on the offensive line, but given that three of you -- you, Justin, and Ereck -- are returning in the same spots, how important is that going to be in helping that right side, whatever that configuration is, kind of fall into the groove with the rest of you?

A: Well, John Jerry played quite a bit last year, too, and I think that guy deserves a lot more credit than what people give him, so Ė and Marshall Newhouse as well Ė I think weíve got five good guys that Iím very comfortable with going and playing with on Sundayís. I think each of them has the right attitude and I think together our attitudes combine to create a good atmosphere and a good offensive line.

Q: Depending on what happens next week, itíll be the first time in a couple of years that the offensive line doesnít have a rookie starting, how important is that going to be for this group?

A: I canít predict whatís going to happen, so anything can happen, but if that doesnít happen, weíll have that continuity. I think weíll have a little more maturity there, a little more understanding of whatís expected, and I think that will go a long way to help us get better.

Q: Thereís a lot of speculation and talk that the Giants will look for a tackle pretty early in this draft. How do you see that and would you be happy with the 5 guys that you had last year?

A: Yeah, I canít speculate on draft picks or anything, but like I said, I really like the guys that we have in our offensive line room right now, and Iíd be very comfortable with who we have and playing with them on Sunday.

Q: Last year early in training camp you guys spoke about building an identity as being tough. Do you think you accomplished that or do you feel that because of all the shuffling around with the rookies, the injuries and what not, that thereís still work to be done in that regard?

A: Oh thereís definitely tons of work to be done. I think when we become satisfied with our mentality and with our performance, thatís when you get worse, so weíre always looking to get better and thereís tons of things. In the last week and a half, we watched a little film. So many things that weíve seen we need to fix, but like I said, I do like the mindset we have, I think with the mindset that we have in that room, I think we can do some good things with that group.

Q: When you come into the season you go back and watch last year, youíre starting here in the spring. What, as a group, do you guys look at and say you need to do significantly better, or this is the one area that we really need to kind of concentrate on that we have to get better at?

A: I think to solidify our communication, I think that will be a huge part in making sure everybody knows exactly whatís expected on each play, and then Iíd like to see Ėfrom what Iíve seen in myself, I think finish. Our finish is definitely something that we can improve and I think thatís what separates good offensive lines from just average is how they finish and I think that will be a big emphasis on our performance this year is how weíre going to finish. Making sure we do that in practice and itíll translate to a game.

This guy is going to be just a rock solid  
Jimmy Googs : 4/21/2016 5:51 pm : link
Center for us for years.

Great pick.
Love this guy  
endwerc : 4/21/2016 6:56 pm : link
He obviously has a high football IQ and is ready to be the leader of the OL.
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