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Transcript: TE Larry Donnell

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/26/2016 3:03 pm
TE Larry Donnell

April 26, 2016

Q: Does it feel good to be back out there?

A: Iím feeling great, wonderful. Itís been too many days. It just feels awesome to be back on this grass running around again, being able to play the game that I love.

Q: What were you able to do this offseason?

A: First thing was handling my neck and healing up. That was first and that took awhile. Itís not one of those things that I could rush. I had to just wait for it to heal up so I could get back to doing the things that would prepare me to play football.

Q: What was it like not knowing what was going to happen when your neck was healing?

A: Iím from Alabama and we break bones all the time, so Iím used to it. I was just ready for it to heal so I could get back to playing, but unfortunately that wasnít the case. This one took a little bit longer and I had to wait for it to heal and Iím glad I did make that decision. Iím ready to go now.

Q: You broke a bone in your neck?

A: Not my neck. It was a little minor stuff.

Q: What was the exact issue?

A: It was a situation that was worse than what I had expected. It just took a little longer to heal.

Q: It wasnít a broken bone?

A: To a certain extent. Iím just glad itís healed now.

Q: Was it your neck or your back?

A: My neck.

Q: Iíd imagine it was scary.

A: Yeah. It was a shock. Nobody wants to have any type of injury, especially when you want to play the game that you love every Sunday. That was the big part about it; not being able to play.

Q: Is it going to be hard to take it out of your mind when contact starts taking place?

A: No. Thatís why Iím back here today. Thatís over with now. I made the decision to play football and I donít know where Iíd be without it. Itís what I love to do, so Iím ready to go.

Q: How much did you feel that you would maybe not play again?

A: I had all the faith in the world that I would be able to play again. It was just a matter of getting the go-ahead so I could get back out here.
Hopefully he  
mrvax : 4/26/2016 3:14 pm : link
will be a better player this year. He's a likeable TE.
Not really a TE  
bc4life : 4/26/2016 4:09 pm : link
Lanky Hback or oversized possession receiver
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