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Transcript: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/26/2016 3:25 pm
DE Jason Pierre-Paul

April 26, 2016

Q: Does it feel good to get back out there?

A: Yes, it feels good to be back out here.

Q: How are you physically compared to where you were at the end of the season?

A: I think Iím in the best shape ever. I lost a couple of pounds. Iím lean and getting off the ball. Iím running and lifting weights, so I feel Iím in the best shape ever. I had eight games last year and Iím shooting for 16 this year.

Q: Is it fun to envision what might happen this year with your teammates?

A: Yeah, the key is for every guy to stay healthy this year. They brought in some help and that was a good move. Thatís a big key: for me and my teammates to stay healthy this year and get after the quarterback.

Q: What kind of transition will it be for you to work from the left side?

A: In my seven years in the league, Iíve played both sides. Itís basically gonna be flipped. Iíll been on the right and on the left. Iíve played both, so itís really not a big problem for me and Iím excited.

Q: What do you have to do differently?

A: Nothing. I just have to be the same olí JPP. Iím excited.

Q: Whatís your reaction to the all the money they were spending on free agents?

A: Any help is good. Iím pretty sure the guys are going to do their jobs and weíre going to take care of what weíve got to do up front.

Q: Is this the first time youíve done football drills with the glove?

A: No. Iíve been training hard down in Boca with Impact Performance. This is not new to me. Iíve been hitting bags and Iím ready to go. If there was a football game being played right now, Iíd be ready to go.

Q: How much weight did you lose?

A: Iím not telling.

Q: How much did the training with the hand and the hook help?

A: Itís basic stuff for me now. Itís not a question of how much did it help? Itís getting back into football shape. My hand is okay. I knew I was going to need surgery after the season, thatís the reason why I played with the club. But now Iím past that. Iím looking forward now. Iím hitting bags normally and grabbing normally. Iím not even limited. Itís a straight shot for me.

Q: Do you expect to get back to the player you used to be?

A: I am the player I used to be. There are just a couple of injuries here and there, but Iím okay. I want to be better than the player I was.

Q: What was the thinking behind dropping weight?

A: There was no thinking. I normally come in at 280, 285lbs. Iím not telling you where I am right now. I dropped weight and I feel good. I got older. Older, but young at the same time.

Q: Is it a statement for you guys that you have a lot of the roster here for offseason training?

A: I just say ĎDo what you can. You never know when your time is up.í I missed the whole offseason last year, unfortunately. I was still working out. It would have been better for me if I were here, with getting to know the system, etc. Itís very important. Iím glad Iím here this year.

Q: Is it important for team building?

A: Yes, itís important for team building. Itís good for the guys to interact with each other.

Q: Did the energy seem different today?

A: I think everyone was moving quickly and things were at a fast pace. We had some resting periods, but it was more of a Ďquick-and-go right nowí pace. Thatís very important. We didnít have that break that we used to have and we felt pretty good after we left the field.

Q: Ben McAdoo said there would be a big emphasis on fundamentals Ė tackling, blocking and taking care of the ball.

A: Yes, there is a big emphasis on those things. Taking care of ball, when the ball is on the ground Ė he made an emphasis on getting the ball right away, no matter what side of the ball youíre on. We did it all. Itís a good thing.

Q: Is it different in general right now with so many new guys?

A: There are new faces, but everyone is getting to know each other and getting to know each otherís names. But at the end of it, weíre all football players. We all know whatís at stake and what we need to accomplish.

Q: Did you have your new glove?

A: No, I was wearing my old one. The new one is on the way.

Q: Was it important to you to get your story out there?

A: Yes, it was. Everyone kept asking me questions about it. Itís out there now and it is what it is. Iím past it and looking ahead to my future.
I hope he is aiming to play  
Jay in Toronto : 4/26/2016 3:35 pm : link
more than 16 games next season.
He seems a lot more mature  
Simms11 : 4/26/2016 3:48 pm : link
now. I think he's primed for a big year, provided he can stay on the field! I've got my fingers crossed that the NYG pass rush will be back.
I hope this guy lights it up this year  
geelabee : 4/26/2016 4:24 pm : link
Have an unbelievable year...better then 2011 and the Giants reward him accordingly with a long term contract that pays more the Olivier got...don't be surprise if he leads the Giants in sacks and outperforms vernon
Curious to see this new glove  
est1986 : 4/26/2016 4:25 pm : link
Supposedly coming soon.
"Yeah, the key is for every guy to stay healthy this year."  
David B. : 4/27/2016 7:31 am : link
Wow. The wisdom of Solomon.

You might want to start by skipping the July 4th fireworks this year, Einstein.
two things  
fkap : 4/27/2016 9:54 am : link
what's the big deal about admitting the weight?

Why the hell wouldn't you have a new glove by now? I'm guessing he's a high priority client, so order it today, get it tomorrow. If it's not right, get another new one by day after tomorrow. who cares if it's only mini camp. you're going to cheap out on ordering new gloves?
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