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Transcript: WR Odell Beckham, Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/26/2016 3:37 pm
WR Odell Beckham, Jr.

April 26, 2016

Q: Do you see the division getting a lot better and tougher this year?

A: Honestly, Iím just focused on the Giants and what we need to do and the changes weíve made. We have had two very good, bad years; losing games by three points, little mistakes that cost us the game. Looking at the things that we need to correct and seeing all the new faces, that will definitely be able to help us out, Iím really excited about this season.

Q: Do you like the new acquisitions, on defense especially?

A: Absolutely.

Q: How much would you welcome a new receiver to help you replace Rueben Randle?

A: Itís not my call about who we draft. I know we have guys in that room who can make plays. Looking at Victor Cruz and watching him, I know heís as anxious as I am for him to be back on that field. Itís going to be fun to finally be able to line up with him. Iím definitely excited and looking forward to that. Whoever we pick up is whoever we pick up. Iím really more excited about his season more than ever.

Q: How sure are you that Victor Cruz will be there?

A: Itís not my call, but I have full faith in him. Iíve seen him from the little bits that weíve worked out. Just his mindset, he seems like heís in a good place and comfortable with himself. Youíd have to ask him, but Iím looking forward to seeing him out there.

Q: What can he do for you? How can he enhance your game?

A: I think we benefit each other. Put us on the same side. Get three over two. Two people have to take one person and one person will be one-on-one and vice versa. So you pick your matchups. Talk about a lethal threat. Heís a guy I watched coming out. Many things Iíve done have been taken from his film. Youíll have to ask him how he feels, but from what Iíve seen, he looks good.

Q: What was your initial reaction to seeing a somewhat familiar foe (Josh Norman) sign with the Redskins, someone youíll be seeing twice a season?

A: I play for the Giants. Iím looking forward to this year and everything we have ahead of us.

Q: You donít have September 25th and January 1st circled on your calendar?

A: September 11th is our first game against the Cowboys.

Q: Is there a feeling out process now that your head coach used to be your offensive coordinator?

A: Itís kinda weird because somethingís changed. Coach Coughlin leaving is huge. Heís the first NFL head coach Iíve had and will always be my first memory. But McAdoo is stepping in and he looks prepared and anxious for the season. Heís licking his chops. Thereís something so exciting this year for the Giants and I canít wait to be apart of it.

Q: How different are you from end of last year to now? What kind of progression have you taken?

A: Time. Time is really it. Time is the only thing that has changed. Iím just excited for next year.

Q: Are you excited for the Draft? Will you be watching it?

A: I donít know if Iíll sit down and watch all 32 teams Thatís a lot of time on the clock. I didnít enjoy sitting back in the green room nervous and waiting. Whoever we pick up will be a good pick, will be a good one.

Q: Whatís your mindset coming into this season?

A: Iím just anxious. It was a long off-season. You feel like youíre just sitting there and waiting around. Thereís so much time to think. It was hard for me. One of my off-seasons at LSU, I had a nice year and wanted to come back and do even more. I was in California training three times a day. But I had to take a step back. The season is a very long one and Iíve learned that the hard way. So just taking care of your body and doing the little things is important. This is going to be one for the books.

Q: Whatís your reaction to Eli Manning saying you have to raise your game?

A: Iím ready. I have goals in mind. There are a lot of banners that arenít here that need to be in here. Thatís something that I look at every day. Thereís nothing that crosses my mind more than putting a fifth banner here, saying 2016 Super Bowl Champions. Your name will be here forever and itís something you can take with you for a lifetime. Thereís nothing more thatís on my mind than winning a Super Bowl.
Good jizz.  
SoDev : 4/26/2016 3:41 pm : link
UConn4523 : 4/26/2016 3:46 pm : link
for those "worried" about his psyche, he pretty much Eli Manninged the Norman questions. Still have to play the games but I don't see any reason to believe the incident didn't mature him.
RE: well  
bceagle05 : 4/26/2016 5:45 pm : link
In comment 12922585 UConn4523 said:
for those "worried" about his psyche, he pretty much Eli Manninged the Norman questions. Still have to play the games but I don't see any reason to believe the incident didn't mature him.

Excellent use of "Eli Manning" as a verb there. That's exactly what Odell did.
No questions about Drake?  
Klaatu : 4/26/2016 5:52 pm : link
I'm disappointed.
His Norman answer was reassuring...  
SanFranNowNCGiantsFan : 4/26/2016 6:47 pm : link
No bite at all on the Norman stuff.  
arcarsenal : 4/26/2016 7:20 pm : link
Like I said a million times in these threads, he's not going to make the same mistake twice. I am extraordinarily confident in that.
Norman is the one that should be worried.  
Torn Tendon : 4/27/2016 9:58 am : link
Bad games vs Odell will get a CB cut.
Not this year  
Torn Tendon : 4/27/2016 10:00 am : link
but playing against Odell and that salary he has. I don't think he ends up playing out the full contract.
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