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Transcript: Quarterback Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/27/2016 2:42 pm
Quarterback Eli Manning

April 27, 2016

Q: Will you watch the NFL Draft tomorrow night?

A: Tomorrow night? I donít know. I havenít thought about it that much. Iíll definitely keep up with who is being drafted. I donít know if Iíll sit down and watch the whole thing, but Iíll definitely keep up with who the Giants draft and go from there. Iím not going to spend the whole weekend and every day watching every single pick. Itís a lot easier just to go about your business and then catch up every few hours and see how itís all shaping out.

Q: You donít go into the draft room hinting that you need a new receiver?

A: No. The scouts and management have been working at this a long time. Theyíll figure it out and draft the best guys.

Q: How has the minicamp been going? Are you seeing the fundamentals come together?

A: Yeah, I think so. Itís a little different just because we havenít had any offensive group work before going into a practice. Yesterday was just to make sure we got things right, we know how to huddle up, break the huddle and get out there and just be able to run our plays. I understand we have some new guys and weíre getting them adjusted. Today we had a little bit more live action versus the defense, which is always good. We played at a fast pace and a faster speed, so I thought we had some good things today. You can always learn. Every practice youíre going to learn something. You see what guys are doing. Iím just getting reminders for myself with different adjustments to plays, different things in my reads, in my check downs and everything going on. Youíre going to make mistakes. Thatís fine. Thatís what these are for, to learn from them, to get reminders on how youíre supposed to run the offense.

Q: Have you seen the progress Victor Cruz has made?

A: We threw routes the past couple of weeks and he seemed good. He was running routes. He seemed sharp and he was able to come out of breaks. He looked the same. Hopefully he can get back out here soon.

Q: Whatís your confidence level that Victor will be a factor for you this year?

A: Just wait and see. You just hope for the best and hopefully he can just start getting back out there with the team. You obviously want to be smart, but get him back in the flow of things, get reps and play football again.

Q: Does this minicamp have a different feel?

A: Yeah. Every year youíre going to change things up. Youíre going to have different things you want to work on. I think, from an offensive standpoint, we have a lot of guys who have been in the system, going into the third year, so there is a comfort level. But you have a new offensive coordinator, a new quarterbacks coach, a new offensive line coach. There are some different things going on and different terminologies, so there is an adjustment. There is a learning curve that weíre all getting on the same page with how weíre seeing things and how weíre calling things, so thatís what weíre working out. I thought we had good energy. Thereís going to be new drills. Thereís going to be a new type of schedule with whatís going on with the new coach. Weíre learning and adjusting.

Q: Are you a little worried when you see a guy get carted off the field?

A: No. Obviously, itís unfortunate for Ben (Edwards). He got injured last year during OTAís and he got to come back late in the season, but you donít like to see anybody get hurt this time of the year. Hopefully itís not as serious as it looked and he can bounce back.

Q: Are you a fan of the music?

A: They didnít get it from my phone, I donít think. I only heard one song that I thought would maybe be on the playlist in my phone. Iím kind of zoned in where I donít notice all of the songs. Every once in a while I will when weíre stretching, but once things are rolling, I really donít hear a lot of it. Itís fine. I think itís good during certain periods just to keep the enthusiasm, keep the tempo going.

Q: Is it telling you instructions on where to go next in practice?

A: I think it does. It says what period it is or whatís going on. I havenít exactly figured that out also. Iím still adjusting. Sometimes I hear it. Sometimes I donít.

Q: Last offseason you worked with a trainer for your arm strength. Did you do that again?

A: I did some work with the same guy. I just continued to do what I was doing last year, a continuation of that, and I think I have a good program, a good system to do during the offseason and what I do before practices and after practices. I think I have a good routine and Iím just sticking with it.
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