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Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/6/2016 3:46 pm
First Round Draft Choice Eli Apple

May 6, 2016

Q: How has it been here and getting to learn how everyone goes about their business?

A: Itís been a nice time so far just seeing some of the guys, some of the veterans, and getting with the coaches and trying to learn from them. So far, itís been a dream come true.

Q: Who have the veterans that youíve run into so far?

A: I ran into a couple of the guys. I canít even tell you their names right now, but I know theyíre some of the veterans.

Q: Coach Spagnuolo was just talking about hidden production and guys not throwing at you. You didnít have a lot of targets thrown at you in college. Do you feel that helps or hurts you at the pro level?

A: It was weird this past season not getting that many targets because when you play as a freshman, you get all of the targets. But I still feel like I did my job out there on the field just taking the number one receiver away and doing my job playing man. I donít think it was a bad thing. Itís just anytime youíre out there on the field, you always improve. Thatís the main goal.

Q: What did Logan Ryan mean to you growing up?

A: Heís just the ultimate competitor. Heís the perfect person to follow. He just does everything the right way. Heís the perfect person to look up to. Heís always texting me when I need advice. He texted me a couple of times before the draft and he was telling me what I have to do when I come into the league and contribute from day one.

Q: He took you under his wing from a young age.

A: I was really young. I donít even think I was in the eighth grade. I was probably a little younger than that, like in the seventh grade. He was just out there running through drills with me.

Q: Do you expect quarterbacks to test you from day one?

A: I expect that, just to see how Iím going to react to things and see if Iím actually the real deal. I expect that and Iím looking forward to it.

Q: Are you cool with sharing the spotlight with your mom?

A: I have no problem with that at all. If she wants the whole spotlight, she can have it. It doesnít make a difference to me.

Q: There was a quote in Sports Illustrated about her not letting you wear a Rolex at the draft?

A: Thatís how we interact. I was kind of joking with her because I knew her response. I said I was going to get a Rolex and she was like, ĎNo, you better not.í It was just a fun back and forth between us.

Q: Does that represent the interaction youíve had with her over time?

A: For sure. Sheís definitely big on earning things and not just going out and doing the most flashy stuff. She always kept me humble growing up.

Q: Does it surprise you that sheís become so popular?

A: It does not surprise me one bit. I kind of expected it. It was something that I was thinking about that I would have to account for it because I know how she is and I know her personality on Twitter and out in public. Iím fine with it. Itís nothing surprising at all.

Q: Thereís been talk that youíd have to learn to play the slot in the NFL. What kind of transition would that be like for you?

A: It will be a little different. Itís a lot different from playing on the outside because the outside is a little bit more simple. Inside, you have to communicate a little bit more and just know a little bit of what everybody else is doing. It is going to be a little bit of transition, but Iím looking forward to it.

Q: Different techniques or is it more studying?

A: Itís a little bit more studying probably. Different techniques from playing outside, so youíve just got to learn it and try to rep it as much as possible.

Q: Are you going to learn the slot cornerback right away or are they starting you on the outside?

A: Iím learning a little bit of everything. Iíve had a couple of meetings so far and Iím just looking at the nickel, looking at the outside corners just trying to learn everything.

Q: What is the first impression that you want to leave on your coaches out of this minicamp?

A: Iím a worker and I want to show them that Iím somebody thatís willing to take coaching, somebody thatís going to be out there trying to get better everyday and somebody thatís going to be out there just grinding.

Q: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a guy who a lot of people think plays your style. Any thoughts on that?

A: I remember when he first came in and got drafted by the Cardinals. I kind of looked at him and I was like, thatís kind of like me a little bit because heís a little lanky, taller guy and heís pretty fast as well. Iím definitely looking forward to working with him and learning from him.
This reminds me of when we drafted CB Mark Haynes  
No Where Man : 5/7/2016 8:37 am : link
Haynes struggled his first year learning the NFL game, but went on to become an All-Pro soon after.
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