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Transcript: RB Paul Perkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/6/2016 6:02 pm
RB Paul Perkins

May 6, 2016

Q: How was your first day?

A: It was good coming out here and playing football, meeting new teammates and hearing the verbiage of the plays. Itís going to be a long journey, but Iím looking forward to it.

Q: Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan said they look at you as a potential three-down back. Do you see yourself that way?

A: Definitely. Just coming and getting some of the plays down and getting a feel for the speed of the game, I can definitely see myself being that.

Q: What can you do to hit the ground running as it relates to pass protection?

A: Definitely, I have to critique myself in the film room. Then coming in here, getting my technique down and executing in practice. Itís a combination of everything.

Q: Besides knowing the plays and what everyone is doing, the hardest part of the transition?

A: Definitely. Coming from the spread offense at UCLA and now coming to the Giants, where theyíre huddling up and verbiage is so different from college. Just getting the words down and the plays down are the hardest part.

Q: Did you see any of the veterans yesterday?

A: I saw Justin Tuck today [at his retirement ceremony], so that was pretty cool, but other than him, I didnít see anybody else.

Q: What did you think of Justin Tuckís retirement ceremony?

A: I thought it was awesome. I watched Justin Tuck and that whole team as I was coming up. So seeing him retire is an honor for me to sit and watch and be a part of that.

Q: As the new guy, what can you take from seeing that retirement ceremony as he is on his way out?

A: You put a lot into this game, and when itís time for you to leave, you know that youíve left it all on the field. Thatís probably what made him feel so emotional.
giantgiantfan : 5/7/2016 2:14 pm : link
Really looking forward  
Stufftherun : 5/7/2016 3:46 pm : link
to seeing Perk and Coprich for that matter too.
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