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Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/23/2016 2:14 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

May 23, 2016

Q: General impressions on how the team looked and how your day went?

A: Weve been building up through phase two to get ready for today. Obviously, mechanically we need to clean some things up - too many pre-snap penalties today. The defense was flying around pretty good, playing with some good energy and emotion. They had a good day today. No turnovers thats always encouraging from the offensive side, but from the defensive side you want to get the ball out.

Q: Now that youre in OTAs now, is there something specific youre looking to take from it?

A: The objectives from OTAs is really learning and improving. You want to develop the fundamentals as best you can without pads on, work on communication detail our communication there. Guys are really jockeying for position as far as where it goes for reps in training camp and the preseason games, whether theyre available or accountable and understanding when we get to training camp, its about building the team and its about competing for jobs. Its more about learning right now and improving.

Q: How do you make those individual assessments right now, or is it too early?

A: The preseason games are the most important. Training camp padded practices are second. But everything counts. Were evaluating everything with these guys and every day counts, every meeting counts, every practice session helps. You need to be cautious evaluating players when theyre just running around in their underwear.

Q: You had Eli Apple out with the starting group. What did you see from him?

A: Well go in and well take a look at the tape. Were not going to rush to any evaluations on guys. What were starting with right now is were throwing guys out there to give them a chance to compete somewhat in OTAs. Weve got to be smart using the word compete but a chance to develop and a chance to improve. Well see more when we get a chance to look at the tape.

Q: How does this OTA as a head coach compare with previous OTAs as the offensive coordinator?

A: My focus is more big picture than it is just looking at the offensive side of the ball. Spending my time with the special teams and jumping around to each individual position, spending some time with the tackling drills early in the LT period and ball security.

Q: Do you believe in a pecking order where veterans take priority or do you put guys where you think they are right away?

A: You used to believe that way. The offseason got a lot shorter and I think you need to be aggressive with young players and put them out there and see what they can do and see how they handle being in a pressure situation and see if theyll respond. Again, where were at now is just the ground floor.

Q: You said they used to have more time in the offseason?

A: You used to have a lot more time in the offseason. You used to have five more weeks, I believe it was, in the offseason. Training camp used to be a lot longer and you used to get on the field a bunch more in training camp than you (do) now. I think you may have to push some guys into some situations that are uncomfortable and find out whos comfortable being uncomfortable.

Q: Before you could just put the veteran up there and see how it plays out?

A: See how it shakes out.

Q: Whats the thinking behind naming it the LT period?

A: The game is about the ball. The game is about blocking and tackling and the more we can do to emphasize those three things, its more important. In those three areas, this organization has a lot of rich tradition in each of those three areas. Putting names to the periods, putting a face with the period and with ball security and with tackling and with blocking, I think it hits home with players.

Q: Does it still feel like a lot of firsts for you, or are you past that in your mental approach?

A: Im over it.

Q: Did Sterling Shepard work exclusively with the second group?

A: He was sprinkled in, whether it was in the jog-through or team periods, with the ones a little bit and I believe he had a rep or two with the threes. Were using all of those guys. We roll receivers in. You want to make sure they get a taste with each group there, the young guys especially.

Q: What did you see from him?

A: He just got back. He missed the end of last week. He was at the rookie premier, which is obviously necessary for our business now. Hes made a good impression. Hes conscientious in the classroom and hes a guy thats learning out here on the field. They have to be able to take what they learn in the classroom and get it to translate on the field and thats what hes working to do right now.

Q: How much of a challenge is it going to be for Paul Perkins because he cant be here until mini camp?

A: Its going to be tough for Paul. Hes a smart, conscientious young man. Hes out there working at it. I know he wants to be here. Hes chomping at the bit, but hes got to take care of his business out in California and when he gets the chance to get back here, Im sure hell be ready to go.

Q: Its still in the voluntary phase, but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie wasnt here today.

A: DRC wasnt able to make it today. We look forward to getting him back here as soon as we can.

Q: Do you expect to have him here this week?

A: Its a voluntary opportunity, OTAs. If hes here, well coach him. If hes not, we wish him nothing but the best.

Q: Have you heard from him?

A: Like I said, this is a voluntary camp. We want all of our guys here. We feel its important to developing the team and building fundamentals and working on communication and we cant wait to get DRC back.

Q: With the emphasis placed on defense, are you starting to see the group coming together?

A: Its early. Its early right now and it takes time. You have to go through something together to build that type of camaraderie that were looking for. It takes time. We have to go through something together for that to happen and were not going to rush it. It takes time.

Q: Victor Cruz didnt participate much in the drills. Is that part of the plan?

A: Right now, were looking for him to get back here and hes working to get back to training camp. Small steps.

Q: How do you envision using Will Johnson? Is he a fullback, a tight end or both?

A: Sure.

Q: What was it about him that made you bring him in?

A: We like Will. We feel he has some versatility on offense and special teams and hes been a good addition so far.

Q: With the way you built up the defensive line, are Nikita Whitlocks pass rushing days behind him?

A: Im not going to answer any questions that are related to personnel and scheme right now. That doesnt help anybody here.

Q: Nat Berhe stepped in with the first team defense. What have you seen from him?

A: I think, like the rest of the guys, its his second year in the system and I think its coming a little bit easier for him. Theyre communicating well back there and he looks good right now.

Q: What are your impressions of Victor Cruz? He made his reputation before you got here.

A: Before he went down in 2014, he was really taking ownership of the offense. He was starting to come along and the thinking was disappearing for him. Its a shame the injury happened and right now were looking for him to get back out here.

Q: Jason Pierre-Paul picked off Eli at one point during the walk-thru, and even though Eli just lobbed the ball, what do you think of that?

A: Nice catch.

Q: You seem comfortable in this role. Did you talk to any of your former head coaches like Coughlin or McCarthy before today started?

A: Ive been doing this my whole life. This is an opportunity that I dreamed of and Im just out here attacking the job.
Didn't want to talk about Apple ....  
Manny in CA : 5/23/2016 5:16 pm : link
Am I just imagining that ?
RE: Didn't want to talk about Apple ....  
RetroJint : 5/23/2016 6:25 pm : link
In comment 12968379 Manny in CA said:
[quote] Am I just imagining that ? [/quote
I think so. He's going to be a "I have to watch the tape guy." Most of them are. It's the smart thing to do because, chances are, he missed some of Apple's play. It was obvious, however, that he didn't want to talk about DRC.
The "LT" Period  
SwirlingEddie : 5/23/2016 7:26 pm : link
Love it!
I love this guy.  
Anonymous Stranger Online : 5/23/2016 11:05 pm : link
Absolutely love! just imagine if he was at the Eagles right now.
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