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Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/23/2016 2:43 pm
QB Eli Manning

May 23, 2016

Q: How was it going after Eli Apple?

A: No. That wasnít the intention. Thatís just the way sometimes what the plays and coverages are and going through my progressions. Iím not trying to go at a certain guy. Right now itís just day one of OTAís. Weíre not going after matchups and picking on guys. Weíre just working on the basics and going through your progressions.

Q: What did you think of him?

A: A lot of it is just going back and looking at the film. For the most part, I donít even know who is at corner and you donít know who youíre looking at. Youíre not looking on the defensive side and seeing where certain guys are lined up. Youíre going through progressions. I didnít know where he was going to be lined up. Iíll go back to the film and maybe check it out. Iím more worried about the offensive side and how weíre doing.

Q: As good as Odell Beckham Jr. has been the first two years, what kind of growth have you seen from him so far this offseason?

A: Itís just good to have him in that third season and having him healthy and going to all of the OTAís and just be able to go and move him around in different spots. We did that a little bit. You kind of have a controlled set of plays just because you donít want to overload him and make sure what he does, he does it well, and then you can expand him in that and put him in different spots with matchups. I think now he can handle all of that. We put him in different routes and make sure heís doing them correctly. I think thereís an understanding of the offense, of how things are supposed to go and the timing of things. I think that third year he should start really picking up on that.

Q: What does Sterling Shepard bring to the receiver group that maybe you didnít have before?

A: Weíre still figuring some things out with Sterling just because itís the first day going against the defense. Itís one thing to throw routes versus air and itís a whole new ballgame when you throw a defense out there. Youíve got press, youíve got different coverages, different techniques that youíve got to beat. Itís good to go back and look at them and see where he can improve, see where we can just get on the same page. I thought heís done a good job of picking things up. You can see heís caught on. Heís caught everything thatís been thrown at him these last couple of weeks on the field, so thatís always a good start for a receiver if he can catch the football and he can definitely do that.

Q: When Shepard was drafted, did you get some film and watch what he could do?

A: I havenít. Just tried to see some highlights here and there, but I havenít gone and watched film. He has a lot of natural ability catching the football and running and athletic. He can stop very quickly. All of those things are good and now itís just learning the offense, playing fast and being confident in what weíre doing.

Q: How difficult is it to be patient with Victor Cruz?

A: Itís not hard. You just understand weíve got to get him healthy. Weíve got to make sure that everybody is being smart and everybody is understanding that heís had several injuries and surgeries and a tough past. Just make sure youíre being smart with his workload and weíve got to make sure we get him to training camp. When the doctors and everybody say heís cleared and ready to go or if he can do this and certain things, then itís a good thing.

Q: How is Geremy Davis progressing?

A: Geremy is a bright guy. He knows the offense very well. He studies hard. Heís really in tune with what his assignments are. Heís got great size. Heís one of our bigger receivers. You can move him around and put him in different spots. Heís going to be really keyed into what his assignment is, so thatís always helpful. Hopefully he can step up and get on a roll and make some plays for us come game time.

Q: What were your first impressions of Ben McAdoo as the head coach out there today?

A: He seemed good. He was fired up. Things didnít go as planned, but I thought we had a fast practice, kept the tempo going and he seemed to have a good first day. Thereís always going to be mistakes and everything, but I thought the energy and the level of focus and everything was good.

Q: Does anything change for you in your relationship with him now that heís head coach?

A: Probably a little bit of changes. Heís not in every meeting that weíre having, but heís in there a decent amount of time and Coach Sullivan can handle a lot of things. Heís in there enough where if I have questions on plays that are coming in or certain checks or different things I want to do, he can still go through them. But Coach Sullivan is handling more of the offensive meeting than what it was last year.

Q: How is it to have Coach Frank Cignetti in there as the new quarterbacks coach?

A: Itís been good. Every coach has a little different technique or style, but I think he likes us to be accountable and know our reads and be able to talk through it and be very precise. Heís been in this system before, so he has the familiarity with it. Weíre just trying to make sure weíre talking the exact same language. Thereís always new little things that we put all together, but heís been very thorough in everything and itís been good so far.
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