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Transcript: Defensive End Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/1/2016 2:41 pm
Defensive End Olivier Vernon

June 1, 2016

Q: How have things progressed so far this spring? Do you like what you are seeing from the defense?

A: You know, I like it. Everything is running smooth right now, pretty much breaking down the playbook and getting adjusted to everything, but as far as how everybody is reacting to the play calls and everything like that, the leadership ability out here, I feel like it is running pretty smooth.

Q: What do you look to get out of OTAs and minicamp?

A: I mean, for me --- Iím pretty sure with a lot of guys it is all about fundamentals in the spring. In OTAs that is the main emphasis, fundamentals and learning the playbook and once you start getting pads on, that is when you really start working on your craft.

Q: How has your adjustment been off the field? You have been in one place for so long.

A: It is a big adjustment but it is all for the better right now. I have to keep positive and right now I am just enjoying every minute of it. The environment out here is great; the people out here are great for the mean time and Iím just enjoying it right now.

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you?

A: The spring was kind of chilly for me. From my point of view, it was a little chilly but it kind of warmed up a little bit. It is not as hot as Miami right now but I look forward to it getting a little bit hotter out here.

Q: The hotter the better for you? Will you ever complain about the heat?

A: I mean, I am not even going to lie to you, you never get used to the very hot weather down in Miami but it is better to have it hot right now and enjoy a little bit of that before that cold winter comes so I am just trying to enjoy that right now.

Q: How about on the field? You have had a chance to run around with this defense a bit. What are your impressions and how do you see yourself fitting in?

A: Like I said, right now just getting in and adjusting to the playbook, learning the scheme, working on fundamentals and making sure everybody is gelling together. My opportunity right now is to just do what I have to do, do my job. I was brought in here to do certain things and that is what I am going to do.

Q: How much have they tweaked your technique since you came from Miami?

A: It is really about just as far as putting you in different positions and alignments. They know you have the technique down so it is more about putting you in different alignments so it is nothing that I havenít done before so I am just looking forward to getting into pads.

Q: Many times in sports, athletes get the big contract and never live up to what they did in the past. How do you motivate yourself to be the same guy on the field?

A: Well, for me, I have worked for everything. Coming into the league my first year, I was on special teams. I had to work to get my playing time on the field and that is what I did come my second year and I have just been working for everything that I have gotten right now, so nothing has been given to me. I had to take everything, so right now this is just another opportunity for me to just prove my talents and go out there with something to prove. I have goals that I have already set that I just have to check off right now.

Q: What are the goals? Would getting the team to the playoffs be one of them?

A: As far as team goals, of course. The big picture is getting to the Super Bowl, getting to the postseason --- I have never been there so I would love to see how it is to play in the postseason but right now it is about getting the work in right now, day one and then further more when it comes to training camp and game one. It is one step at a time pretty much.

Q: I know JPP isnít here today but he has been here throughout most of the offseason. What has it been like being on the field with him?

A: He is a great guy. I see why he has been good for a long period of time. He is very talented and is a good leader as well. As far as coming into the building, he has been nothing but inviting [to me]. He makes everyone feel comfortable. It is a pleasure to play on the other side of the ball with him.

Q: Is he the leader in that room in your eyes?

A: Yeah, he has been here the longest. A lot of guys look up to him and I see why. He has been to the big show, he has been to a couple Pro Bowls and he has done a lot for this organization.

Q: Looking across this line do you think this could be a top flight line?

A: This could be a line that we make --- we are going to make the line what we make it. Whatever we put in is what is going to come out of it, so I canít tell you right now what we are going to be right now. That is something you are going to have to wait and see until game day, but it is what we put into it is going to be the outcome. It is what we set forth.

Q: Do you see potential?

A: Everybody has potential but I see that we have a lot of good young guys as well, so we have a lot of talent so we just have to make it work.
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