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Transcript: Safety Nat Berhe

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/1/2016 3:11 pm
Safety Nat Berhe

June 1, 2016

Q: Are you fully healthy now?

A: Yeah. 100 percent.

Q: Do you ever worry about it?

A: I donít and thatís it.

Q: How much better do you feel this year compared to last?

A: Itís a total polar opposite than last year. Iím happy.

Q: What do you feel you have to prove to the team?

A: Just stay healthy and play football.

Q: Itís a crowded safety room?

A: It is.

Q: How do you guys get along knowing thereís a job open?

A: For me, Iím cool with everybody. I feel no certain way towards anybody in that room. We come out here and we compete, but you compete against yourself. The competition is between you.

Q: Do you feel you have an advantage over a rookie because you were here last year?

A: Only time will tell if anybody has any advantage over anybody. Weíll see.

Q: Do you feel you have an even better grasp of the defense?

A: I think so.

Q: How much did you miss football last year?

A: Itís just like with any other job. You have your job. You clock in and you come into work. Itís hard not being able to do that.

Q: Did you follow the team as much as you possibly could?

A: Yeah. You kind of know how it feels to become a true fan sitting from the outside looking in.

Q: What did you do to pass time?

A: I was on IR with two other guys. We hung out a lot, did some things and just tried to stay close.

Q: Two other guys at your position. Itís not a club you want to be a member of is it?

A: No, but at least youíre part of a club.

Q: Do you guys have a bond?

A: Yeah. You spend most of your time with that person and you know much more about them than the average Joe.

Q: Do you think you all look pretty good?

A: Yeah. Iíd like to think so.

Q: How much did it help to be with them?

A: We all understand this is a business and we all understand this is a competition. Each day is a new day and each day you get better.

Q: Do you guys compete against each other?

A: I just try to stay in my own lane and do what Nat Berhe has to do.
Would love to see what he can do,  
Big Blue '56 : 6/1/2016 3:13 pm : link
He seems pretty confident.  
Giantgator : 6/1/2016 3:29 pm : link
Confident enough to go third person, at least.
He knows the clock be ticking  
JerseyCityJoe : 6/1/2016 3:42 pm : link
Seems like he is taking things pretty seriously.
Reale01 : 6/1/2016 4:25 pm : link
Really no better way to answer that series of questions
RE: Answers  
mrvax : 6/1/2016 4:48 pm : link
In comment 12979118 Reale01 said:
Really no better way to answer that series of questions

You're right. I especially liked this answer:
A: No, but at least youíre part of a club.
What's especially interesting to me is that one of his competitors,  
BlueLou : 6/1/2016 5:04 pm : link
Maybe his main competitor for a starting role, is Darian Thompson, who was another stud 2x All Conference safety from the MAC. So they played against a lot of the same teams during their college careers, as well as against each other when Berhe was a senior and D. Thompson a sophomore. They both were multi year starters and studs in their league.
Do you suck as bad as BBI posters claim?  
AP in Halfmoon : 6/1/2016 5:08 pm : link
No, that would be impossible.
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