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Transcript: T Marshall Newhouse

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/6/2016 4:03 pm
T Marshall Newhouse

June 6, 2016

Q: What kind of comfort and advantage do you feel with the same five guys coming back?

A: Yeah, the guys that are there right now have lots of (meetings), practices and games together and there is just a confidence there, a consistency and a trust there that takes a while to build and we are fortunate to be ahead of the curve there.

Q: Do you feel that it is ahead of the curve?

A: Yeah, it is tangible, for sure.

Q: Are you a guy that follows the offseason moves very closely?

A: Uh, no. Maybe if we get a weapon or two on offense, Iíll say, ĎOh, that is cool.í It is kind of business as usual. There are transactions going on left and right. Maybe if I have a friend in the league, Iíll kind of follow them but not watching too close. I am trying to get my mind away from this.

Q: What if they bring in a guard or tackle?

A: You find out when you get here and you kind of go from there. I have been in situations where they have brought guys in quick, brought guys in at the end, drafted guys late, drafted guys early, there is always something, so you just have to wait until you get here and you go from there.

Q: What did you think of Justin Pugh coming out here and defending you and John Jerry last week?

A: Yeah, I mean that is who Justin is, he is a loyal guy and a friend --- I would call him a friend and it has been fun here playing with him. He sees day in and day out the type of work we put in and what we go through and the offensive line, usually, have to be our own best advocates because from the outside, there arenít a lot of people who are going to stand up for ourselves if we donít do it ourselves, so it is much appreciated and it goes around to the entire line group. We work our butts off and we play hard.

Q: Does it bother you that there is a negative connotation going on?

A: No. Iím going into my seventh year so I feel like I am fooling someone really well if I am going into my seventh year and I still canít play. I self-assess harder than anyone can ever criticize me, so whatever has been said or is being said about me, I have thought about it and critiqued it harder than they ever could have. I take that into the offseason, I take that into my improvements and my work ethic going into the season, so there is not anything that throws me off or blows me away anymore after this many years kind of seeing things.

Q: What do you like about Coach Solari?

A: He has been excellent, just great energy, he is a teacher first, very detail oriented and just a great balance. He definitely knows when to pat you on the back and be like, ĎHey, I want you to recognize that was genuinely good and that is what I what to see more of.í Then there are times when he says, ĎHey, I need you to pick it up and this is what you can do differently.í He will give you evidence. He will show you on film, he will give you an example and that is appreciated as a vet. I donít have everything figured out, I am always trying to learn, Iím always trying to get better and my ears are open, my mind is open, so I am very receptive and appreciative of what he has brought so far.

Q: What have you seen from JPP so far?

A: We have gone against each other every day. He has bulked back up and you can see he is getting more accustomed to using the hand in the state that it is in. He is still quick, still long limbed, just still a really instinctive defensive end and he is making me better. I hope I am making him better. We are being allowed to pass rush a little bit, within reason, without bending the rules and that is making us better and I can only see that improving as we go into camp.

Q: Now that you are in the second year here, is there less of a concern of what the guy next to you is doing?

A: I think naturally, yeah. When you have a couple guys who are in and out, each guy has different mannerisms, different ways they are in their stance and the way they combination block and that is just --- I donít mind it, but it made me adjust to each guy and playing next to him, but it obviously would help having the same guy next to you, just getting used to them and just being able to do things with less talking and you want to be able to reach those minds, so to speak, so yeah.

Q: You talked about the trust that you guys have built on the fieldó and you were asked about Justin [Pughís] comments from last weekó does that translate onto the field at all? Does that help camaraderie or is that just something that we on the outside sort ofÖ

A: I canít speak for any other position group, but for the offensive line, 100 percent. Weíre the one group that you need five guys on the same page. You need five guys kind of fighting for each other, covering each other. I donít think it applies anywhere more than it does for the offensive line, so yes, absolutely.

Q: What do you see or expect to see from Ereck Flowers going into his second year?

A: Vast improvement, and hopefully he starts off healthy and stays healthy throughout the year. And just a better mindsetó as a rookie, itís a long year for you. Thereís a lot coming at you, a lot of people trying to not fix you but tune your technique and tune your play, and getting accustomed to that and knowing what to expect coming into this year, I expect him to make a very, very big leap.
Class act  
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 6/6/2016 5:49 pm : link
when you see the video of him speaking
Rooting for him  
DavidinBMNY : 6/6/2016 9:41 pm : link
Very honest interview. Likable guy.
He's not an ideal RT...  
arcarsenal : 6/6/2016 10:11 pm : link
But it's hard not to really root for the guy and hope he can play well. I don't think he's quite as bad as a lot of people think. The continuity along the line should definitely help a little bit.. I absolutely think that's something that matters when you're talking about an offensive line as a whole.
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