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Transcript: Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/15/2016 4:37 pm
Special Teams Coach Tom Quinn

June 15, 2016

Q: Understanding how preliminary all of this is, how much are you looking at the depth chart of receivers and defensive backs for guys that you can use at gunners?

A: Obviously, you always look at it, but it is just in shorts. A lot of times guys look good in shorts and donít look good in pads, so we do wait until they get pads on to get the final determination, but you know, right now you are looking at how they are going to fall out offensively and defensively and we will go special teams from there.

Q: It looks like you have some good speed.

A: Weíll see. We had good speed last year. It is one thing to have speed and it is one thing to be able to finish and make a play, so that is what we are going to have to wait and see, if we can do that.

Q: What kind of a leap have you seen from Brad Wing?

A: He is better directionally than he was. He is doing more things with the ball coming off of his foot, so I have been very pleased with what he has done this spring, he has been very solid.

Q: Can you assess what Geremy Davis did last year?

A: He played early, then kind of got beaten out on offense, I guess, then somebody took his shirt and he is willing, he just hasnít done it a lot, so all the reps that he can get are very vital for him so that he can continue to grow.

Q: Is he a big part of what you want to do this year?

A: Well, if he is on the 46, he is going to be a big part. That is the thing, anybody who is on the 46-man roster that is not starting has to contribute.

Q: Does he have the skillset to do it?

A: He does, it is just that he is very raw. He has never done it before, so having never done it, he needs as many reps as he can get so that he can become proficient.

Q: Do you want to have a second punter in camp, just to take the workload off of Brad?

A: We take it off of him. We use the machines and when we go punt return, we use the jugs just to make sure that we are not overloading him.

Q: How much is fatigue a factor with punters?

A: It is always a concern. That is one of the biggest things we look at when developing the installation schedule, is making sure that we are not kicking too many days in a row and they have enough days off. We have always been pretty happy with the results that we have gotten. Those guys have stayed fresh until the end of the year and that is important.

Q: Do you plan on the punting strategy staying the same, as far as directional?

A: Yeah, if that is what he does best, then we are going to cater to what the players do best and let them be their best.

Q: Has Josh Brown kind of reinvented himself?

A: I donít know if he has reinvented himself. I think he has put together a solid couple of years and is just continuing to grow. He has done a good job with nutrition and training and that has helped him extend his career.

Q: It seems like he is a little leaner.

A: A little bit. The last two or three years he has done a good job with nutrition and the strength training.

Q: Tom Coughlin was famously averse to trick plays. Do get any sense with where Ben McAdoo is on that subject?

A: No, like all special teams coaches, you put them in in the spring, you work them and you hope you get them proficient so that the head coach will call them. We will see how that goes.

Q: What is McAdoo like in the special teams meetings?

A: It is very similar to what Tom was doing. He sits in, listens and adds his two cents when he needs to.

Q: Is Zak DeOssie 100 percent?

A: Yeah, he has done a good job. He came out better than we had expected. He has done more than I expected him to do before training camp.

Q: What are those conversations like with two Ivy Leaguers as long snappers?

A: It is a smart room now. It is a smart room. We have some state school guys that can represent, but they are Ivy League football players --- I didnít say that.
Dan in the Springs : 6/15/2016 5:17 pm : link
days off for a punter - more evidence that it's better to be a specialist than a generalist.

I missed out on my sons making it to the NFL - gonna have to really work harder on encouraging my grandsons to punt.
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