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Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/15/2016 5:56 pm
CB Eli Apple

June 15, 2016

Q: Do you feel like a different player now than when you first stepped into the building?

A: I definitely feel like a different player. I have been progressing with the playbook and definitely getting better with my technique out there on the field, just getting a better feel for everybody else out there on the field and knowing where my help is, little things like that.

Q: What is it like going from defending college receivers to defending guys like Odell Beckham?

A: It is definitely a big difference. You can tell that guys in the league are definitely a little bit more savvy with their technique and how to get open and stuff, so you just have to make the necessary adjustments, watch film on them and get better.

Q: Is it more physical?

A: It is actually more mental, actually. Just knowing where to line up, knowing different tricks. Every receiver presents something different, so you just have to be on top of everything.

Q: Spags talks about less touching and grabbing. What do you do to work on those skills?

A: You just have to work on your feet. That is the main thing. Just making sure that you are watching yourself on film and try to get rid of the bad habits that you were doing in college. Whenever I am home, I am just doing little things with my feet and press technique, just trying to incorporate feet before hands.

Q: How do you feel about taking on the slot role?

A: It is definitely a different role but I think that I am adjusting to it well. Just asking a lot of questions and getting with the veterans. Getting with guys like Janoris and DRC, they have been very helpful. I am just trying to learn as much as possible and put myself in uncomfortable positions out there on the field so that I can get better.

Q: What is so different about the slot?

A: It is just that you have to communicate more. It is kind of like being a linebacker, really, just being in the middle of everything, you have to communicate and know where your leverage and help is, playing to your leverage, little things like that and just a lot of communicating and blitzing, the little things that you have to get used to.

Q: Would it surprise you if you started there?

A: It wouldn’t surprise me at all. I am open to everything as long as I am out there contributing to the team. That is what I am trying to do.
"Geremy Evans, I think his name is..."  
adamg : 6/15/2016 6:07 pm : link
- Eli Apple

Oh man, listening to this on, he got G Davis' name wrong... I suspect ball busting in the locker room will commence...

G Davis be like...

Apple comes off pretty bright in this interview.  
BlueLou : 6/16/2016 5:01 am : link
And now seems to be learning quickly. Apparently Spags wants him up to snuff as if he would start outside. I presume for fill in, in case of injury to DRC or JJ.
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