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Transcript: RB Shane Vereen

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/15/2016 6:14 pm
RB Shane Vereen

June 15, 2016

Q: Take us through the touchdown pass.

A: We put it in this morning. Obviously, there was a lot of excitement in the room. We didnít really know who was going to run it. I was bestowed the responsibility and it worked.

Q: How are all you guys coexisting? A lot of bodies in the room. How do you kind of balance that out?

A: We have fun with it. We try to learn and we try to take our reps very seriously. We donít take them for granted because there are a lot of guys, so with a group like that, we get a lot of different styles, so we are learning from each other and we are trying to make the offense the best we can.

Q: The offense hasnít changed but the coordinator has. Have you noticed any difference?

A: To be honest, not much. I think there is a lot of carryover from last year and I think the biggest thing is that all the guys are familiar with the system. We are able to move at a faster pace and able to put more things in.

Q: How is Paul Perkins doing, coming along and trying to play catch up a little bit?

A: Yeah, exactly. He has caught up fine the last couple of days. He is kind of getting thrown into the fire, but he is a smart guy and I think he will come along well.

Q: How is he as a person?

A: Yeah, he has mixed in with the running back room really well. He has a good personality, seems to be the same temperament as the rest of us, so we like having him there.

Q: As a fellow running back looking at him, what do you see?

A: I remember watching him in college, especially when he played Cal. I see a solid back. He definitely does a lot of things well. We will see how it transfers over here in camp, training camp I should say, but I think the sky is the limit for him and I think he can definitely help us.

Q: Do you think you have the pieces in place to take the next step forward for the running backs?

A: I think so. I know last year, nobody was really satisfied with the running game in any way, shape or form, not in the running back room and not in the offense as well, so that is definitely one of the areas we are looking to improve on, and I think a lot of the guys are working hard to do that.

Q: Do you think this offense can be even more explosive than last year?

A: That is the goal. That is what we are hoping and that is what we are working for. There are a lot of areas, looking at it stats wise, that we werenít too impressed with. We know we can be a better offense, we know we can play better and that is what we are striving for.
When Vereen was asked about Perkins:  
BlueLou : 6/16/2016 8:34 am : link

Q: As a fellow running back looking at him, what do you see?

A: I remember watching him in college, especially when he played Cal...

Versus Cal, Vereen was prolly hoping Perkins fumbled or broke a leg! He almost got his wish...

In 2015, during a 44-20 route of Cal in LA, Perkins ran for 73 yards on 11 carries (6.6 ypc) and caught 2 passes for 13 yards before leaving the game during the 2nd quarter with a "not good" leg injury according to UCLA coach Jim Mora Jr.

He was on his way to a potential 200 yard game from scrimmage when he went down.
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