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Transcript: RB Rashad Jennings

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/16/2016 3:22 pm
RB Rashad Jennings

June 16, 2016

Q: What do you think of the phrase “prep-cation?” Did Coach McAdoo use that with you guys?

A: You said what?

Q: “Prep-cation…” He said the next 6 weeks are a prep-cation.

A: Prep-cation. Oh man, yeah I didn’t… I missed it.

Q: You’ve been around enough of these get-away days where coach will give you guys a message like ‘don’t do anything stupid’ or ‘be ready to go when you get back here’. Does it resonate more if you were in this locker room last year to know about how your season was shaken in July when JPP had his accident?

A: Yeah, most coaches and most organizations are going to preach about the importance of taking care of yourself during the offseason. We all know how important it is to the success of the team. And also, especially for the younger guys, I took the opportunity to make all first-year guys— rookies, first-year players— that they experience in their first NFL offseason to have a meeting with some of the veterans. [They met with] Myself, just to give some advice like how to take care of your body. Remind them that they’ve worked their entire life to get to this position and find themselves in one of these buildings, and how it could be taken away so quick. You know, take advantage of it. It goes a long way when you hear it from players more so than coaches, so we have some veteran leadership that takes the time to make sure we’re preaching it in the locker room ourselves. Yeah, accidents happen. Things happen. It’s part of life, we all know that. It’s unfortunate, we can’t rewind the tape, but we can obviously preach what to do in our offseasons, which we’re doing. We trust each other and know that everybody is going to come back with a fire in their eyes because we have a lot to prove and a lot in front of us.

Q: You personally finished the season pretty strong. Do you believe that going into this season you’ll get the bulk of the work?

A: It’s never up to me. Same thing, you could rewind every single tape you’ve ever heard me talk about my experience in the league. I’m going to prepare like I’m a starter every single year. This won’t be any different.

Q: Do you sense a different vibe though, this year versus last year? Do you feel more energized or anything like that?

A: Obviously different leadership, you’re going to have a different energy. It’s just exciting— it’s football. Every time you come in here this time of the year, you’re excited as a player for so many reasons. One, you love the locker room. I don’t think everybody gets our jokes like we do in the locker room, so it’s fun to get back around the fellas. It’s fun to come out here and compete and play a game that we love. It’s fun to wear that NY on the side of our helmet and get ready for a championship run— that’s what we’re here for— but also, all the little things that go into it that do not get seen behind the scenes is what we all love. So with that, new energy is always going to come just because it’s a new season.
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