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Thursday Press Conference: DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2016 8:38 pm
Q: Did you have a good summer?

A: Yes, I did. I had a great summer.

Q: Itís been awhile since youíve been here in a training camp situation, what are you hoping to get out of these next couple of weeks?

A: I donít know. Just being here at training camp. I missed last year, but Iím back now and Iím happy, man. Excited to get going, thatís basically it. Ready to hit the field.

Q: Coming out of the spring, do you have a sense of where this team is mentally and what your goals are?

A: No, thatís why weíre here, to get better, play recognition, knowing the plays and the call and to make mistakes and go over them; that way, we can be a better team.

Q: Generally, when you start camp, there is a sense of optimism. With all the changes youíve made and everybody being here, is there a bigger sense of optimism despite missing the playoffs for four years in a row?

A: Well, I think everybodyís goal is to make the playoffs this year. Everybody understands that. Itís been a minute, but I am going to do the best I can to make that possible.

Q: Do you even think about missing the playoffs for four straight years?

A: Itís not brought up. Each year there is different guys on the team. Thatís what makes a football team. We just have to come together and play as one and as a unit. Like I said, make our mistakes now and correct them. Thatís what weíre here for in training camp and take that and progress during the regular season.

Q: Do you feel like youíre going to be able to be more effective?

A: I feel fine, I feel great.

Q: Do you think youíre going to be more effective?

A: I was effective last year with a club, so yes, I know so.

Q: In what regard?

A: You have to wait and see. Thatís why we have training camp.

Q: Jason, you mentioned last year at one point, about leadership and the idea that some guys want to be vocal and be out there. You said last year that you werenít necessarily in a position to lead. I donít want to quote you directly but that was kind of the sense of what you said. Do you feel differently now?

A: I lead by example. Not everybody sees it, but Iím probably one of the hardest workers on the football team and I am just trying to get right, trying to get to the playoffs and help my team out. I lead by example and all the guys follow me. Iím not a vocal person.

Q: Has your perspective on leadership changed?

A: Iím a vet now. I can look in the locker room and tell and see that the younger guys are looking up to me. They wonít say it, but you know. You can quite feel it. Iíll do whatever it takes.

Q: You have two pretty high-profile guys coming in on the line in OV and Snacks. Can you help their transition? Theyíre veterans, but theyíre new here.

A: Itís a new team. Not new team, but new players. Iím pretty sure theyíre filling in well. We walk in there and Iím pretty sure they feel like family now. Theyíre the Giants family now. Theyíll do whatever it takes, Iíll do whatever it takes. Some calls or whatever on the football field on the defensive side, we go over it and stuff, so like I said, we are family and they feel a part of the family now from OTAís, so it shouldnít be a problem.

Q: With two-fourths of the front four being new, how long and how many practices do you think it will take for you to feel like one?

A: We donít know. Thatís the whole part of playing football and having training camp. Coming in and recognizing how players play. There is a certain way that I play. You just have to have a feel for it. Thatís something you have to feel as a football player. I do a great job of it and OV, Snacks and Hank, I mean thatís our front line right there, including me, so we are going to have chemistry together and thatís how weíre going to have to go about it.

Q: How excited are you to not have to wear the club this year?

A: Iím not worried about any club. My hand feels great, no complaining or anything. Iíve been training hard and getting after it. Iím just ready to play some football. The club isnít going to be an issue or anything. My right hand feels like my left hand.

Q: Are you excited to see what you can do?

A: Iím not excited; I already know what I can do.

Q: How much of a chip on your shoulder do you think the defense has as a whole coming off of how last season went?

A: I donít know. Iíd say our main goal now is to get back to the playoffs and that is starting with training camp.

Q: Since the end of last season, how many procedures did you have on your hand?

A: Just one. Thatís it.

Q: What was the point of it? What was trying to be accomplished by that procedure?

A: I wonít really get into the details; it was just to help me play better. Thatís it.

Q: Are you done now with those? A; Yes, Iíve been done.

Q: Jason, whatís your message to the young guys in terms of work and getting this team on the right track?

A: Weíre going to get better. We have to work together and not be scared to ask questions. I was once in a position they are in. Thereís a lot to it, but in reality, everyone is here to do the same thing and that is to get to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

Q: What do you think the potential for this defense is?

A: We have to see. I know people have high expectations and they should. As a defensive player, you should have high expectations.

Q: Are the additions youíve made exciting to you?

A: Iím happy. Whatever can help. Iím excited to be working with those guys and I canít wait to get after it.
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