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Friday Press Conference: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2016 6:30 pm
Q: How is your transition into this offense?

A: It was pretty smooth. For me, keeping the same offense, big help. Still about trying to get better, trying to play football. It's about going out there and practicing hard, and doing the right thing. I wouldn't say itís been a huge adjustment.

Q: Are there any noticeable changes under Coach McAdoo?

A: It's obviously just one day - today, with the practice and even it was pretty short. But he had the music playing. Always the first day, is a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm. He kind of told me to slow it down a little bit, just with our pace. For the first day with some of the walk-throughs, and jog through that we are going to do, guys are ready to get out there. I think it's a pretty good start for the first day.

Q: How are you and Coach Sullivan getting along and are you on the same page?

A: Coach Sullivan and I have a great relationship, having worked with each other in the past, under different offenses. Just knowing what each other likes. Kind of talk the same language. Last year, it was new for him learning this offense and this system. But this year, both of us are much more comfortable and speaking the same language and on the same page.

Q: How would you describe the receiving corps?

A: I'm excited about the receiving corps; we have some guys. Obviously, Odellís' proven that he's a playmaker, and a tremendous work ethic and does everything right. With Sterling, still has a lot to learn, but you see the potential, see the playmaking ability. But weíve just got to get to work, itís all a matter of what we can do in this next month or so, with practices and preseason games, take advantage of every opportunity. It was great to see Victor out there today running routes. But hopefully he can continue to gain more confidence in his ability, and his health, and get back out there. It's been a while since he played football. So it's good to get him out there, just practicing. We have a lot of weapons. Can we stay healthy, can we pick up things fast enough, and make plays?

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line going into this season?

A: I think having those five guys back together is the most important thing for an offensive line group. Just having guys, working together communicating. They all work extremely hard, they're very smart, so they do a good job picking up everything; and we'll be fine in that category.

Q: Do you feel an extra sense of urgency to make the playoffs with where you are in your career?

A: I think you understand you want to take advantage of every year. Every year you feel like you have every opportunity to do something, to do something special and make the playoffs. So you don't want to waste seasons, games, you don't want to waste anything. We understand whatís ahead of us. We just have to work extremely hard and be totally committed to doing whatever it takes to get back to winning more games and making the playoffs.

Q: How do you get ready for camp in your 13th year?

A: Same way you do it every year. Work extremely hard in the spring, and just a little break. Going to camp to just try and get better every single day. I have my goals that I want to hit, to improve, stay healthy, and to get better. Try to work with the receivers, tight ends, offensive linemen. Get everybody up to speed as fast as possible, so they can help us out.

Q: What does Odell need to develop most in terms of his temperament?

A: I think he's a guy who's going to learn from every game, every season. I think he understands what he has to do to play at his best and he has to keep a cool head about him and goes out there and does his job.

Q: What is your role in terms of counseling Odell?

A: A quarterback, a receiver always have to have a great connection. It's my job to keep him going when things are going well. But there are going to be games where a defense takes him away for a quarter, or a couple series, and then have a catch. It's my job to pump him up and find ways to get him the ball. Find ways to keep him happy so he can make plays for us.

Q: How big of a deal is it that Victor isn't familiar with this offense

A: Well, that's why we need him out there practicing. He had a training camp, six games of that season, he's been around that offense, he's been in meetings. Last year through training camp and through the season, he's been involved; he just hasn't played in a football game in a long time. So we just got to get him back to making plays, making catches. It's different when you're catching balls from a JUGS machine, rather than in here you got one-on-one, you got to run a route, you got to make a tight catch. We just got to get him back to making football plays again.

Q: Do you think he (Victor Cruz) might be available for Week 1?

A: I'm just trying to get him out there for practice and get back to work.

Q: Do you think this rookie class will have an impact on this team?

A: Hopefully so. You need your rookies to come in and kind of earn their role, earn their spot. Hopefully, they can play well. Eli Apple, get him at defensive back and hopefully he can turn into the player we want him to be. Shepard, obviously, we're going to have him right there in the mix at receiver. So we need several of these young guys to step up and to play well for us.

Q: What are your thoughts of the Giants moves on defense?

A: Defense, obviously, a lot of changes. Brought in some free agents. So hopefully those guys can make a difference. I think that defense should be better based on our personnel. With Coach Spagnuolo, that whole defensive side with another year within the defense. Guys having more comfort level there.

Q: Have you seen your brother Peyton's DIRECTV commercial?

A: I have seen some of Peytonís DIRECTV commercials. it's some pretty good stuff.
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