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Sunday Press Conference: WR Odell Beckham Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/31/2016 4:00 pm
WR Odell Beckham Jr.

July 31, 2016

Q: So you just got cleated?

A: Yes, just stepped on, tangled up. Competitive guys, weíre going at it in practice, nothing too bad. Just take it day by day, let it take its course.

Q: Was it cut, was it bleeding?

A: Itís football. It happens. Like I said, you have two guys competing out here, we want to get each other better every day. I go against some of the top corners in the league every single day, which is truly a privilege. You get to work, you get to get beat, you get to beat, so itís a lot of fun going against these guys. Itís just a matter of keeping everybody, you know we all work together.

Q: What did they do for you Odell? Just wrap it up?

A: Theyíll take care of it, itíll be alright.

Q: Was it scary in the beginning? When you were down you were flexing?

A: Anytime you go down, you donít want to get injured. Obviously nobody wants to be hurt and Iíve been down that road before, so just make sure that youíre straight, get up, shake it off. Alright itís still a little, ok, youíll be alright. Itís football, we go down. Iíve been worse, so Iím alright.

Q: So you intend to practice Tuesday?

A: Thatís not my call. If it feels like that, then it feels like that. We just take it day by day. I donít know how itís going to feel three hours from now, I donít know how itís going to feel tomorrow. Just kind of let t play out.

Q: Before that, you had a couple of nice long catches, how were you feeling?

A: I was feeling good. The first day we came out, the DBís really gave us work and it was the first time coming back. Itís just a lot of fun to be able to compete and to be able to go against DRC and Jenk every day, thereís really not much more you could ask for. Itís just a matter of getting those good reps in. You donít have as many reps as you would like, so you have to take the ones that you have and utilize them and put the most effort into them. I mean, itís always fun catching a pass, itís always fun, so just trying to work every day.

Q: Have you and Janoris talked about what happened?

A: No, I havenít seen him yet, but like I said, we compete. It wasnít anything like he did it on purpose, obviously not. We both wear blue, weíre both on the Giants, so obviously we both want to see each other out there. Itís just a matter of taking care of each other, working together and still competing all in the same.

Q: What was bothering you when you were trying to get back on the field? It seemed like you were kind of stretching and stuff?

A: After I went down, it was kind of just Ďyouíre done for the day.í Thereís plenty more days in camp so weíll be alright. Minor setback for the time being, I guess, the hours, the day or whatever.

Q: Was it bloody, was it cut?

A: Yes, there was a little blood shed, some blood on the shoes. Some customs, so it just matched it.

Q: On his shoes?

A: No, it was on my shoes. A friend of mine does the custom shoes and he made some Dexter shoes, which had blood all over them, and then I got a little blood on my leg, so it kind of just matched it, blended in.

Q: So this is all just a big marketing thing?

A: Itís all just marketing Kickassoís custom cleats.

Q: Guys who compete hate taking that ride on the cart, I have to imagine. Were you convinced to hop on and take the ride?

A: It wasnít that. The training room looked awfully far from here and just to avoid any extra stress on it or anything like that, it was the easiest thing. I would much rather walk it off, I was going to walk this way, but I saw all of you over here and I know it wouldíve been picture after picture as I walked by, so I took the long way around to just kind of avoid some unnecessary pictures.

Q: So youíre going to go camera shy on us now?

A: Those are just not the pictures I need. I didnít want to causeÖobviously when you leave practice, youíre going to cause somewhat of a distraction, but I didnít want to cause any more than what needs to be. Right now weíre really focused on what our goals are and what this team is trying to do and I canít really explain how excited I am about that. Being on a team where you feel a winning atmosphere, a team that has a chance to really compete this year.

Q: Could you evaluate for us the wide receiver competition? Because since youíve been here, I think this is the deepest the wide receiver room has been.

A: Itís a tough room and we say that all the time. Youíre in there and youíre getting criticized if you could have made a play, you shouldíve made it because thereís somebody else who can make it. There are 12 guys in there and all of them are capable of being on the field. A guy like me, I wouldnít want to miss any reps because somebody else could come in and theyíre going to make plays. Thatís what weíre all here for, weíre here to compete. Some guys are stepping up big and some guys, we need to step up even more. This is day three. It all blends together after the first day, but the receivers, I feel as if we are looking good and competing against the DBís every day, who are giving us great work. Like I said, you just have to keep fighting for a spot.

Q: What do you know about this No. 80 guy (Victor Cruz)?

A: Iíve watched him a couple times before I ever got into the NFL, I may have taken some pages out of his book. Like I tell him, and itís hard for me to sit there and tell him and take the same advice, that itís not a sprint, itís a marathon. Weíre guys who, back in college I used to go almost every rep in practice and you would go hard and thatís the way that you trained yourself. You just have to, itís a lot longer season, thereís a lot more that goes into it, so just trying to stay patient for both of us, understanding whatís ahead of us, where we would like to be when we need to be there.

Q: It must be gratifying to see him out there, right?

A: I told you already. Every time you see him out there, Iíve been wanting to play with him for a long time and obviously heís had his setbacks, but heís ready to take that Comeback Player of the Year award, for sure. Iím looking forward to him having a phenomenal season.

Q: If thatís your Victor smile, then whatís your Eli smile and how has he looked so far?

A: Straight face.

Q: Why is that?

A: Thatís just how he is. Heís very business-like when weíre here. Heíll clown in the locker room, he Dikembe Mutomboíd me earlier. I was trying to make it in the trash can and he swatted it, I had to dodge it. We have our fun and our needs to, but when we get out here we really like to take a different approach. Like I said, you donít get as many reps so you want to make sure that every one of them counts. You want to make sure youíre doing your thing right; youíve got the right assignment down. Like I said, just building this team up, looking forward to the season.

Q: Heís won two Super Bowls and you know what he can do. What would it mean for you to get back on a playoff run with him as your quarterback?

A: Now youíre speaking my language. I just care about winning, period. I hate losing. It doesnít matter what it is, weíre playing marbles, spades, video games, I just donít like losing. Obviously he knows what it takes to win. Heís got two of them and his brother has got two of them, so Iím sure heís got to bring one home this year to be able to stick his chest out a little bit in that household of legends, really. I think heís excited about the opportunity, more than excited. Like I said, Iím just looking forward to being a part of it.

Q: Odell, when you worked out with Lebron a couple weeks ago, what are you picking his brain about?

A: Just came off the championship series of a lifetime. Really, his legacy and everything else was on the line if you think about it from a realistic standpoint. Heís been to the Finals, heís lost before, he left Cleveland, he came back. He lost the first one when he came back. This one just put the icing on the cake for me as far as going through adversity, as far as being able to handle everything thatís been thrown his way, and then after winning, still having the crave, the addiction, to want more. I remember I got in late on a flight and my sleep schedule was all messed up. I came from across the country pretty much and I was just up. It just so happened that Maverick Carter, a guy that I work with closely, and he texted me and asked me what I was doing. I texted him right back because I was wide awake and I was on my phone and said, you know, I was just chilling, trying to find somewhere to work out, and he said he was going to work out with ĎBron right now. I just put on my shoes and went. It was about six in the morning in LA. It was just good to be able to work out with him. Obviously you see what it takes and what he is doing even after what heís already done. I donít want to say I gained a new level of respect for him because I already have the utmost respect for him. Heís my favorite athlete and the one that I look to the most, so it was just cool, just a cool experience for me to be able to go down and work with him.

Q: Does anybody have more of an addiction for winning than you, do you think?

A: Iím sure there are guys out there that donít like to lose.

Q: For a championship?

A: To be honest, I donít know. I feel like Iíve been a decent player all my life, been on some good teams, but Iíve never been able to put the icing on the cake. Got to the championship, blown out in my home town. Peewee football championship, I think I won one and then they called a flag and took a championship from us. Basketball in fourth grade, I remember they hit a game winning shot and everybody thought it was over, but I caught the ball, threw it all the way down the court and made it and Iím running down the court like I won the game and the refs are like Ďwhat happenedí, so that was a championship taken from me, so Iíve never been able to call myself a champion and thereís got to be no better feeling than seeing the confetti fall and knowing that all the hard work since July 28 and even before that leading up to it and that all was worth it in the end.

Q: What is your reaction so far playing against Eli Apple?

A: Heís a guy that has tremendous talent. It just comes down to making the right decisions, learning how to trust himself more. Heís 20 years old, I think, so heís going to be here for a long time. Itís just a matter of getting each other right and letting him know that this is X, Y and Z and this is why you got beat or this is why he was able to cover, itís about working with each other. I think heís going to be a phenomenal player.

Q: So you talk to him about this stuff?

A: Oh yeah, we talk. I was talking to him before. We talk, we all want to communicate, we all want to get on the same page.

Q: When you were down after being cleated, did you hear the whole field house go silent the way it did and do you feel like you dodged a bullet?

A: Yes, I like to move a little, bit but I feel like in the moment, at that exact time, understand whatís going on around me. Itís more that I was checking in internally. Am I ok? Ok, what is it that hurt? Alright. Just making sure everything is good. Itís not so much I could hear or feel the silence, but I know I would never want to worry my teammates if I donít have to, so I am going to try and get up and try and get out of the way and let them keep working and get off to the side and see whatís going on and go from there.
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