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Wednesday Press Conference: DT Johnathan Hankins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2016 2:58 pm
DT Johnathan Hankins

Aug 3, 2016

Q: How much of a difference is a training camp practice now that you guys have some pads on the last 2 days and have actually started to hit people?

A: Itís been good. Weíve had the chance to go at it with each other, especially in the trenches and the front seven. We are just getting back into it and getting used to the footwork and our hands, so it has been good.

Q: There are so many changes with this defense. Half the lineup might be new starters. Are you starting to figure out a little bit more as to what you guys are?

A: Yeah, we are learning each day about ourselves. We brought in OV, we brought in Snacks and Jenkins, so we have a lot of new guys with the addition of Eli (Apple) and a few more guys, so everyone is just learning from each other and learning the defense as best as we can. We are taking it a day at a time.

Q: Itís been said that it might take some time for this defense to settle in and it might be a growing process as you go along. Do you sense that so far at all?

A: I feel like right now the installs are taking their time with it. They are not trying to overwhelm the young safeties or the young kids that are tying to learn the playbook too fast. They are doing a good job in maintaining everybody and keeping us healthy and practicing pretty good.

Q: Are there a lot of ďwrinklesĒ compared to last year or is it just sort of getting everyone fine-tuned on what you did last year?

A: Yeah, getting everyone fine-tuned and getting everyone on the same page. I have been here, so I pretty much know the defensive schemes and everything that coach Spags expects, but it is just getting guys like Snacks and OV more comfortable with the scheme.

Q: Snacks said that you welcomed him in with open arms. What can you learn from a veteran like that who has been around as long as he has?

A: Ways to stop the run, his leadership in the D-line room is huge. He has been a help for everyone in the room and just the way he goes out there and listening to the way he talks and speaks gets you going for practice and focused on the day.

Q: Is it hard to get used to being the little guy?

A: No, I donít mind it. If you call me little at 325 pounds, I guess, but compared to Snacks and Montori, I am a little bit smaller so thatís good.

Q: You talked about getting more 3-technique type of snaps, what do you think about it?

A: I like it, I really like it because you get more one on ones and it is a little bit more of a two-way go when you are getting ready to pass rush. Now having Snacks in there, he will keep that center and guard in place, so it will give me an opportunity to get a pass rush in.

Q: How do you think youíre doing at it?

A: I think I am doing pretty good, practice is going well and my technique is getting better each day and I am just trying to play as best as I can.

Q: Do you think you can get the 7 sacks again? Or are you aiming for better now?

A: Right now I am aiming for one a game. If I can get one a game, it will total up pretty good.

Q: Do you get a sense in training camp of how good this front four can be with two new guys and JPP back?

A: Yeah, it feels good with Snacks and OV. Sometimes I try not to think about it too much or even talk about it because I donít want to jinx myself. On paper we look really good and the past few days we have been together, we have been doing pretty good against the offense. If we continue to build on that, I feel like we can be one of the best defensive lines.
Exciting to think of him and Snacks together inside.  
yatqb : 8/3/2016 3:05 pm : link
Reminds me of the old Minny and Buffalo defenses with those huge DTs you could never move off the ball.
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