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Wednesday Press Conference: QB Coach Frank Cignetti Jr.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/3/2016 3:32 pm
Quarterbacks Coach Frank Cignetti Jr.

August 3, 2016

Q: How has Eli looked?

A: Eli has been outstanding. In the classroom, what a pro. Great preparation. You can see on the practice field that he has been a great decision maker. I am so impressed with his fundamentals. I am very impressed with Eli so far in training camp.

Q: What is it like for a new quarterbacks coach coming here and working with a guy like Eli?

A: Well, first off, coming here as a quarterbacks coach is awesome. I mean, you could not be in a better place to coach quarterbacks. Coach McAdoo and Coach Sullivan are also involved, they do a great job and they have laid a great foundation. I mean, Eli is a pro. He has won two Super Bowls. The communication in our classroom is outstanding. It is important for Eli to come to work every day, study the passing game, he is very interested in his fundamentals and his techniques. It has been great.

Q: How has Eli been with Logan Thomas and Ryan Nassib. Is he still embracing that teacher role as well?

A: Well, first off, he leads by example. I mean, what a great opportunity for these young quarterbacks to be around a pro like Eli Manning to see how it is done in the National Football League.

Q: Logan Thomas got here a little late. He has come in here and created a little bit of a competition for the backup job. What can you say about his development so far in camp?

A: Logan has done a great job. He is working very hard, his preparation is outstanding, he is learning the terminology, he is understanding his fundamnetals and technique, he is getting his pass game reads down out there on the practice field. He is doing a nice job making good decisions and protecting the football.

Q: Eli had a scramble in the red zone during the team portion. What can you say about that scramble play near the end zone?

A: Well, I will tell you what, Coach McAdoo and Coach Sullivan and myself, we emphasize scramble drills for all the quarterbacks. It is a great opportunity for the offense to create a big play and it shows up on the practice field. When the quarterbacks time clock goes off, we want him to scramble and create a big play opprunity for us.

Q: Logan is tall, he can move and has a big arm. What does he need to do in your opinion to kind of improve himself to the point where he can stick with somebody?

A: Well, with any quarterback, you have to have the ability to complete the football, donít turn the football over, the ability to run the offense, keep you out of a bad play, the functional intelligence, the ability to think and react quickly and make good decisions.

Q: When you are working with Ryan, how difficult is it to keep a backup motivated?

A: It is not difficult at all to keep these guys motivated at this level. They are tremebdous workers. They are self-motivated. I mean, it is a pleasure to be around this group. They are such a great group of professionals that want to help each other and compete with each other.

Q: In Ryanís case, he has thrown 10 passes in three years. It isnít a big resume to put out there.

A: Ryan has done a great job with taking advantage of the opportunities he has been given.

Q: What do you want to see Eli improve on this year?

A: Well, with any quarterback, you know, letís take a look at the green zone, the red zone efficiency. Last year the Giants left some offense on the field. We would like those opportunities this season to be touchdowns.

Q: What can you do to be better there?

A: Just make good, decisive decisions. Trust what you see.

Q: Is that something he has sort of wanted to improve?

A: He has been awesome. This is the third year in this offense, the New York Giants offense, and you can just see the development going into year three where he understands the play design so much better and you can just see it on the practice field where he is making good, decisive decisions. He is winning with his eyes and his feet. His ball location has been outstanding.

Q: Does Ben McAdoo spend time in your room?

A: Ben spends time in there. It has been great. The communication between the head coach, the offensive coordinator, myself and the quarterbacks has been outstanding. We are an extension of one another.

Q: You have been around a number of head coaches. Has he been in there more than other head coaches you have worked with?

A: Well, Ben has a quarterback background and he has laid the foundation for the offense here and the quarterback play, so he is going to be involved when he has time to be in there. It is such a great unit. The quarterback room is such a special room and when your head coach and your coordinator and your quarterback coach and your quarterbacks are all on the same page, which we need to be, it is just special. The communication has been outstanding, we trust each other and we go out there on the practice field and have fun.

Q: What was Eliís reaction when his first pass of camp was intercepted?

A: You move on. You play the next play.

Q: What do you mean when you say that he is winning with his eyes and his feet?

A: Well, in the passing game, as you are going through your pass game reads, you have to trust what you see, so it really starts with your eyes, and as you trust what you see, there is a specific footwork that goes with your progression. His eyes and his feet have been outstanding, and then his ball placement obviously has been there, too.

Q: He hasnít thrown an interception since that play.

A: Correct.

Q: Is that something you guys really keep track of?

A: We keep track of it all, as do they. You play one play at a time.

Q: When you were in St. Louis, you saw Janoris Jenkins every day. How does he look so far here?

A: Rabbit is a great football player. He is a competitor. He is going to go out there every day and he is going to compete, and like any pro, you are going to win some and you are going to lose some. I love Rabbit, he is a great addition and I am so happy he is here.

Q: Does he look comfortable to you?

A: Oh, he looks great, yes.
Mentioned "Red Zone"  
Reale01 : 8/3/2016 4:04 pm : link
Then quickly said "Green Zone"

Maybe he's color blind.  
Klaatu : 8/3/2016 4:27 pm : link
Good take, Klaatu ....  
Manny in CA : 8/3/2016 7:16 pm : link

Funny thing about being color-blind ....

My dad was color-blind, but in some ways, it made him a great hunter. He could see things in the forest that many other people couldn't.

On day, my son (at the time, about 10) & I were playing catch in the front yard. Along comes my wife's nephew (same age). He says to me - "Uncle Manny, why don't you dig out all those baseballs out of the shrubs ?!". He could see them, we couldn't (he's also color-blind).

My son-in-law's nephew is the same way, anybody ever heard of that ? (I thought they were supposed to have reduced visual acuity).
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