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Thursday Press Conference: CB Leon Hall

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/4/2016 4:56 pm
Q: How does it feel to be a Giant?

A: It feels good, it's a good feeling. It's different, obviously, for me. Today has been a wild day but itís been fun and it feels good. Itís a good feeling to feel good at a place finally.

Q: Take us through the last 24 hours

A: There was a lot of flying. I flew in yesterday, had a workout early in the morning then met with the coaches for a little while and saw the doctors, obviously. Took a quick flight back to Cincinnati and came back here in the morning once my mind was made up on coming here and joining this organization. So itís been a while but it's been fun. Obviously, thereís a purpose for it, so I enjoyed it.

Q: Did you sleep on the offer?

A: I had to do some thinking. My family is back in Cincinnati, so I definitely had to go back and sit down and talk about it.

Q: How did you make up your mind?

A: Throughout this whole process, there have been a lot of things happening, both good and bad. A lot of various different ways. You can do pros and cons to a lot of situations, but I think that for me personally, a lot of the time I go off my gut and just instincts, if you will, and that's how I felt about this place.

Q: What are your thoughts on the defense you're joining and some of the talent?

A: Talent is definitely there. I know that they expect better and I think that they will be better. This is the first practice I've seen and they looked pretty good and I know the talent is there. As far as the defense, literally, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. I still haven't been in a meeting, but that will come with time. This defense already looks good today, and they'll keep looking better.

Q: What skill set do you see yourself bringing to this team?

A: For one, I bring experience. I think DRC and Jenkins have played a while. I think that sometimes you canít replace experience. It's different when you play a 100 games and if you play 10 games. Just the feel and your knowledge of the game in general. With that being said, even last year when I was in Cincinnati talking to some of the younger guys that were there, sometimes I would learn stuff from them. I'm coming into it with an open mind and I'm going to learn from them and hopefully they'll learn from me and we'll get this thing going.

Q: How were you able to adjust to playing in the slot?

A: I think it started early on for me, I did it in college. Depending on the year, depending on the team sometimes, I stayed outside, sometimes I went back and forth. I think just starting early like that for me and going back and forth and being able to do both and transitioning into the NFL and having to do the same thing was a natural transition.

Q: What have you been told about your role here?

A: Well, not a whole lot, but we've had some good talks. Talking about the slot, and I pride myself on being versatile. At this point, I'm just trying to learn the defense. Football is football, to a certain extent, but the language of it and just the lingo and nuances of certain coverages, I'll have to get and that will come.

Q: What's it like to leave Cincinnati?

A: Its bitter-sweet. It was a tough decision to make. Obviously, my family is back there, so that's number one. Like I said, I felt comfortable here and I felt good about where this team is going. I like coach McAdoo and really what he's been doing since he got here. Like I said, I just went off my gut instincts and I feel comfortable here.

Q: Did you have any friends on this team or organization and what did they tell you?

A: I do know a few people on the team, but as far as calling them and asking them for advice as to good or bad about this place, I didn't do that.

Q: Is there a different set of skills you need playing inside in the slot than outside?

A: Skills maybe, but it's definitely a different mindset. You have a lot more going on in the slot, especially in the run game and just protections. You're blitzing a little bit more, so you need to know protections and what a quarterback may or may not say. It's not so much physical is what I'm trying to say; I mean, you need to be quick, you need to be fast. On the outside, you need to be able to move well, think on your feet, and you're changing direction, but you honestly need that inside or outside. But I think mentally is the bigger jump.

Q: Has going in the slot changed since early in your career or college career?

A: No, not really. I think the only thing that changed for me was knowing the position better and knowing what it takes. Like I mentioned, the run game. Early in my career, I didn't really think about it too much, I just reacted to it. As opposed to now, you see guards and centers and tackles and quarterbacks doing certain things and you'll pick up on it. That's pretty much it.

Q: How's your back?

A: My back's feeling good, which is a great feeling. It's been a long road for me since I had my surgery in January. I've kind of been quietly going to work and rehabbing every day. Working out for months, so I like where I am right now.

Q: When do you think you got back to full strength?

A: Probably since April or May

Q: Will you be ready to go on the field tomorrow?

A: Yeah, that's the plan. I was going to go today; I was actually half dressed.

Q: Before signing, did you look at the Giants schedule?

A: I did actually. Well, I looked at it after one of my friends texted me about a game in November. Definitely something I'll be looking forward to.

Q: How long will it take you to acclimate yourself to the playbook and to the guys?

A: As far as the playbook, I think that will depend. It's hard to say, to a certain extent you need to be in the book or IPad and studying and you need time on the field. Obviously you're going to need time in the games because sometimes things come up in the game that do not happen on the field. It happens every game. You just have to take steps. I'm going to try and slowly work my way into it. The coaches have been helping me already, and as far as the players, I mean that takes time, too. You can't just jump into a situation where you already have a group that's been here for the past two or three months and know each other. Maybe they've been here for years, so you know, you can't just jump in on day one or day two and expect to naturally blend in with the guys. Like anything else, you slowly work your way in. I've talked to some of them already and I know a few of them and they're good guys, so I think that transition will be smooth.

Enjoyed reading his insights  
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Hopefully he brings an upgrade to the Slot CB position  
Jimmy Googs : 8/4/2016 5:46 pm : link
and his back holds up...
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