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Friday Press Conference: Defensive End Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2016 3:43 pm
Defensive End Olivier Vernon

August 5, 2016

Q: You are about a week in here. What are your initial observations of what this defense can be?

A: Well, we finally got some pads, man. We are putting that work in, but right now just keep working and keep practicing. We got the week one out the way in training camp, we have a few more weeks to go and now it is just about gelling together.

Q: What have you gotten out of working against Ereck Flowers?

A: Flowers is going to be a really good player, man. Right now it is all about getting each other better. He helps me out just as far as when it comes to the pass rushing. As young as Flowers is, he is ahead of the game as far as what he knows and his athletic ability. Once he starts getting more knowledge of the game and he puts it with his athletic ability, he is going to be even better, man. I like going against Ereck, just to get each other better.

Q: What challenges does Ereck present to you out there?

A: Ereck is strong, man. He is a young kid, but he is strong. He has strong hands and when it comes down to it, that left side is where the best tackles are at, so you have to be stronger at the point, you have to be able to bend a little bit but not fold.

Q: He mentioned that because you guys go against each other so much, you can both offer tips to each other. What are some things you tell him?

A: Well, as far as mixing it up, he has great athletic ability. He kind of reminds me of Brandon Albert a little bit with how athletic he is. He is also very strong. When it comes down to it, we tidbit and share a little bit about what we have going on.

Q: What is your impression of the first preseason game coming against your old team, the Dolphins?

A: I wish it was the third preseason game, but I wish all those guys the best for the upcoming season. I have been speaking to them every now and then. I miss those guys down there, but like I said, business is business come Friday. I just wish them the best and wish for all of them to stay healthy.

Q: What did you do with the Ereck Flowers jersey you got last year in the game against the Giants?

A: I am still waiting to get it framed up. It is still down there in Miami right now. I am just waiting to get it framed up.

Q: Does your relationship go a little deeper since you guys grew up in the same area and went to the same college?

A: He is also my locker room man. We speak every day and it is funny because when I was in that same position, going into my second year and trying to learn everything I can, and that is what he is pretty much doing. He is always asking questions and is always sharing knowledge.

Q: Did you request to have your locker next to his?

A: No, it just ended up being that way. My number is pretty low, so I am pretty much with the linebackers and next to the O-line.

Q: What is it like having a newcomer like Leon Hall coming in?

A: Yeah, the more weapons we can have, the better. It is going to be a long season and the more veteran leadership we can have on the team, the better we are going to be to go along and help us get into the postseason.

Q: A week in, how far along is the process of all the different parts coming together?

A: Right now, it is just little by little. I am not going to sell any dreams or anything like that. Right now, just little by little, we are working, chipping at the rock and trying to get better.

Q: What do you see as the potential for this defense?

A: Well, the sky is the limit. Everybody has potential, but what are we going to do with it? I feel like we have a lot of guys on the defense, a lot of leadership on the defense that we can grab hold of it and lay out what we want to do with it, so we are going to have to see week one.

Q: How is this training camp different than the other ones you have participated in, particularly with the technology aspect?

A: I know it is not a product of technology, but it is not as hot as it was down in Miami, but I feel like they do a good job of taking care of the guys and not wasting any time, hitting all the points of what we needed to get done and keeping it moving.

Q: Is the pace quicker?

A: I wouldnít say it is necessarily quicker, but I would say just getting rid of all the fluff and getting what we need to get accomplished and keeping it moving and not wasting any time.

Q: What are your impressions with Eli Apple?

A: He is a strong, physical corner. He is not shying away from the competition, so I think that is what we like about him right now and I just canít wait to see what he ends up doing.
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