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Friday Press Conference: Left Tackle Ereck Flowers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2016 3:46 pm
T Ereck Flowers

August 5, 2016

Q: What are the things you want to work on the most this camp?

A: Well, you always work on technique, just better and being [more] cohesive.

Q: How do you do that?

A: Coach has us out there doing drills every day, throughout the day, walkthroughs, so we are all getting better.

Q: You are fully healthy now. How much of a difference is that going to make?

A: Oh yeah, everybody would like to play healthy, nobody wants to play hurt, but it is a part of the game.

Q: Did it kind of hamper you last year?

A: Yeah, but I donít use that as an excuse.

Q: How long did it take for your ankle to get back to full strength?

A: At OTAs it felt good.

Q: It took that long though?

A: Yeah.

Q: What was your level of satisfaction after your rookie year?

A: I thought it was alright. I am just looking to improve.

Q: Do you envision a big jump in your second year?

A: Yeah, I hope so. Who doesnít want to have a jump every year?

Q: I donít know if you saw, but the team was exploring some other options at tackle this offseason, but seemed to tell everyone that they only needed a right tackle. Was that good that the team had that faith in you?

A: Yeah, I am grateful that they believe in me, so I am just looking to get better and improve.

Q: Which newcomer on the defensive line has been the biggest challenge for you to go up against?

A: Probably Olivier.

Q: Any particular reason why?

A: He is a great player, his all-around game --- it is going to be pretty good getting that work in practice.

Q: What is that like for you? Obviously he is a great player, but he is also a Miami guy and you guys exchanged jerseys last year.

A: Yeah, we are just looking to get each other better. Every day we go out there and work.

Q: Does he give you any feedback?

A: Yeah, we talk about some of the stuff I need to work on in order to get better.

Q: You talked about wanting to have a better second year. How much do you think being healthy will help?

A: Yeah, it will definitely help. Everyone always plays better when they are healthy.

Q: Is it a big thing having the same five guys back on the offensive line?

A: Yeah, it takes time to work together and get comfortable. The best lines have been together for years.

Q: Ben McAdoo said trusting your technique is a big thing for you. Do you think that last year at times you were in the game and kind of got away from your technique?

A: Yeah, I would say that happened sometimes. I did that more so last year, so this year I am really trying to work on my technique and going in with my coach and watching film. I am trying to focus on that this year.

Q: Does the game need to sort of slow down more in order to rely on the technique more?

A: Yeah and also just working more at it.

Q: How different is the technique that Coach Solari teaches as opposed to Pat Flaherty?

A: They both have different drills. They both are great coaches, but I am with Coach Solari now and I am just looking to be better.

Q: Where do you see this offense going?

A: I think this offense is going to be a great offense, man. We are just looking to put as many points up and play the best as we can all together.

Q: What are your expectations for the team in general?

A: We want to go to the playoffs, but it starts off in the division, so we are just looking to put up points and win games.

Q: What is the biggest difference between Ben McAdoo as an offensive coordinator as opposed to the head coach?

A: He is the same guy. He wants the best out of what we are doing. He is a great coach and we love playing for him, so we are looking forward to this year.

Q: What is the biggest thing you learned in your rookie year?

A: Whatever you are going through, just fight through it because there are going to be ups and downs.

Q: Does a day like today help you with technique?

A: It helps today to kind of focus on certain things and getting in a habit of it and tomorrow it helps even more going full speed.

Q: Is there one specific thing you try to focus on when you are working on your technique?

A: Just punching, just punching more.
A man of few words ...  
regulator : 8/5/2016 3:49 pm : link
RE: A man of few words ...  
Klaatu : 8/5/2016 3:55 pm : link
In comment 13059122 regulator said:

LOL, yeah, I was thinking the same thing, myself.
He already has Head Coach speak  
KeoweeFan : 8/5/2016 4:10 pm : link
down pat. Portends well for his future after his playing days are done. /jk
Yup, clearly has picked up on press technique quickly.  
SwirlingEddie : 8/5/2016 4:21 pm : link
This season is when we learn what we really have in Flowers. Will his occasional struggles of last year be revealed as temporary, youthful problems, or as innate flaws that continue to jeopardize the team?
I can see why TC liked him  
Larry in Pencilvania : 8/5/2016 4:38 pm : link
Says little
he reminds me of Mark Bavaro  
gogiants : 8/5/2016 4:59 pm : link
Tough player that let's his play tell the story

Bavaro interview 1986

Q. Are you surprised by your success this year?
A. ''I'm just happy the way things are going. I like football. If not, I wouldn't be playing.''

Q. Have you thought about making the Pro Bowl this season?
A. ''I don't think about that. I'm trying to help the team win. It's a team sport, not an individual sport.''

Q. Are you happy with your statistics?
A. ''If it helps you win. You do what you have to do to win.''

Q. Were you frustrated when the St. Louis Cardinals double-teamed you most of the time last Sunday and held you to two catches?
A. ''It wasn't frustrating. It was a game. You play football.''

Q. Is tight end a difficult position to play?
A. ''It's the same as any other position.''

Q. If you had to do a scouting report on yourself, what would you say?
A. ''I don't do scouting reports. That's a dumb question.''

Q. Does your bruised jaw bother you?
A. ''I don't want to talk about that.''

Q. Do you enjoy interviews?
A. ''No.''
It's getting better  
Ira : 8/5/2016 5:30 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
He's gonna be a great...  
M.S. : 8/5/2016 7:35 pm : link

...right tackle some day for some team.
RE: He's gonna be a great...  
SGMen : 8/5/2016 11:12 pm : link
In comment 13059385 M.S. said:

...right tackle some day for some team.
Since we'll be picking 32nd in the 2017 draft, it isn't likely a quality LT will be available. We better hope E. Flowers works out at LT. LOL.

But seriously, he has problems with super quick edge rushers and that is as much technique as it is physical quickness. I think he'll be a top 5 NFL LT in the run blocking department, but am hoping he is at least no worse than low teens best in pass protection after an off-season and work with Solari.
trueblueinpw : 8/6/2016 6:59 am : link
I think Flowers is going to really benefit from going up against OV in practice. A little bit of luck in terms of injuries, better day in and day out work outs against NFL caliber DL and this young man should be a lot better.
I like himm  
Bluesbreaker : 8/6/2016 7:20 am : link
Especially the mean streak . The team seems to think he
is the real deal at LT . The man has to stay healthy and
has to make marked improvement over last year in pass'blocking and not regress .
RE: Practice  
Jimmy Googs : 8/6/2016 7:53 am : link
In comment 13059591 trueblueinpw said:
I think Flowers is going to really benefit from going up against OV in practice. A little bit of luck in terms of injuries, better day in and day out work outs against NFL caliber DL and this young man should be a lot better.

Agree, and that benefit is happening all over the field with a better roster of talent this year.

We can see how much guys developed going against the likes of James Brewer, Markus Kuhn, Jayron Hosley as some examples...
What LT doesn't have trouble with  
drkenneth : 8/6/2016 7:59 am : link
"Super quick edge rushers"?
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