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Monday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/8/2016 4:12 pm
CB Eli Apple

August 8, 2016

Q: How important was Saturdayís practice for your confidence?

A: It was very important. I just wanted to come out and try to do my best out there on the field, get my hands on balls and just play my best, just keep getting better every day and keep improving. That is the key for me.

Q: What have you learned from going up against Odell?

A: A lot. He has taught me how to read routes better and he will tell me things from a receiver perspective, like what receivers look for and little things like that, so he can help me out with just the top of the route stuff. He has really been on me about and just telling me to trust my talent and get my head around. Little things like that we have been talking about all the time, so he has been helping me out a lot actually.

Q: Does it make you a better corner?

A: It does. It is the little things. You just have to rep it a lot during practice and it becomes second nature to you.

Q: How has going up against Odell been compared to what you expected?

A: Odell is a great receiver and I have gone against him a lot between now and minicamp and everything, so I am getting used to his moves a little more, but he will always pull something out that you just never expected, but that is how receivers are in this league.

Q: Like what?

A: Little things with his hands, like he will pull you through, he is a little guy, but he knows how to use his hands the right way and he is really savvy about using your force against you. It is crazy.

Q: How much interaction have you had with JPP?

A: He is an energizer bunny out there on the field. He is the one that is always bringing the energy. Even on walkthroughs, he is going full speed. He is a funny guy off the field and he is definitely the man around here, so I am just trying to pick up everything from him that he tells me to do, and I just make sure to do it full speed like him.

Q: How does he look to you? Does he look like he is going to be in good form this season?

A: I think so. I think he looks great. He looks really fast in practices and everything he does, he looks fast.

Q: Are you happy with your camp so far?

A: Yeah, I am happy with just the development. I just have to keep going every day. I just have to get with the coaches and we will see how preseason goes and I just want to do my best and find a way to get on the field and contribute.

Q: Have you wondered at all how you are going to get on to the field with the two vets on the outside and now Leon Hall taking over in the slot?

A: Well, right now I am just trying to focus on mastering my outside corner technique and I am really trying to get in that playbook and just pick up everything fast. Also special teams --- however I can contribute, I am trying to do to get on the field.

Q: Have you done any slot?

A: I am mixing it in a little bit, but for the most part I have been outside.

Q: Are you interested to see how you do on Friday?

A: Yeah, I think everybody wants to do well. Of course, it is preseason, everybody is going to be watching, it is the first real live action when you can hit somebody, so I am interested. Of course, it is football, it is something you have done your entire life and you just want to play well.

Q: A lot of people have talked about your grabbing. Is that something you think you worked out of your game?

A: Well, yeah. It is just the little things, the bad habits that you just have to break because in college the rules are different, so you just have to learn how to mirror guys better and use your feet more, kind of just cut them off of their route and little things like that. I am learning every day.

Q: I saw you speaking to the officials coming off of the field the other day. How difficult is it to adjust to the NFL officiating?

A: Yeah, there are a lot of rules. I never realized it until some of the meetings. It is just little things that you can do. I never really picked it up just watching it just as a fan, but being a player and seeing everything that the coaches have been teaching me has definitely been beneficial so far and I am just continuing to learn.

Q: How do you have to alter your game?

A: You just have to use your feet more. You have to mirror, come off and use your feet.
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