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Post-Game Transcript: QB Ryan Nassib

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2016 12:37 am
QB Ryan Nassib

Postgame vs. Miami, August 12, 2016

Q: Coach McAdoo is not happy about the ball protection in general with the offense. One of the things you guys talk about is The Duke, protecting the football. Was the message sent after the game that that needs to get better?

A: Yes. That goes without saying. Protecting the football is the number one priority in this game and thatís one of the biggest stats in if youíre going to win or lose games.

Q: Howíd you feel in general about your performance tonight?

A: Obviously the turnovers were unacceptable. We put ourselves in some tough positions and we have to do a better job of bouncing back and making some plays, moving the ball and putting some more points on the board.

Q: It looked like a couple of the balls getting down the field were underthrown, was that an issue?

A: Yes, I underthrew those balls on single and man coverage. I have to put a little more air under those and let those guys run underneath it.

Q: What do you kind of take out of this game from a positive standpoint going forward?

A: We have a lot to improve on, we know that. It was nice to be able to get out there. We have a lot of experience and weíre going to have a lot to build on it.

Q: Do you look at this as probably your best opportunity in three-plus years given Eli did not play and you had a chance to be with the ones?

A: I just see it as any opportunity to go out there and play is a great opportunity and every time I get to go out there and play, itís a learning experience, good and bad. You just take what you can from the bad experiences and try not to make those mistakes again in the future.

Q: When did you know you were going to start and play as much as you did today?

A: I canít remember when coach came over and told us how much and what our playing time was going to be.

Q: What was your overall assessment of how you did?

A: I think ball security is the number one thing. I didnít do a good job protecting the ball tonight at all and thereís definitely going to be some stuff we need to work on and me personally, especially. Those turnovers are unacceptable.

Q: I know youíve had limited opportunities across the board because Eli has been so healthy, but in the three preseasons youíve had, you havenít had any picks at all. Is it shocking that this unfolded tonight because of the way youíve performed in the past?

A: Yes, you never go into a game expecting to throw interceptions, so thatís just something thatíll happen but you try your very best to keep it from happening.

Q: It looked like Mike Sullivan was calling the plays, how did that operation work?

A: It went well; it went very smooth. Coach Sully did a great job calling plays, getting them in quickly and the operation was really smooth.

Q: Is it frustrating when you donít do everything you want to do out there because you donít get many opportunities?

A: Yes. Whenever the offense stalls or we punt or we turn the ball over, itís extremely frustrating but thatís when you need to bounce back and rally.

Q: Of the three second quarter turnovers, was there any one in your mind that was worse than the other?

A: Any and every turnover is bad. Itís hard to say which one was worse. Every time you turn the ball over, thereís no such thing as a good turnover.

Q: On the sack fumble, if you look back, would you liked to have had two hands on the ball? I know itís hard.

A: I was gearing up to throw it like a scramble drill and I just, it was poor fundamentals on my part. I need to have two hands on the ball at all times even if Iím thinking Iím about to throw.

Q: You were talking during the week how everything is a job interview. Do you walk out of here eager for the next one?

A: Yes. I think personally Iím just hungry to get to the next practice, get out there and get another opportunity to improve. Take away what happened tonight, learn from it and work on it to get better moving forward.

Well, he has the right attitude.  
Big Blue Blogger : 8/13/2016 10:18 am : link
Tape like that costs him a lot of money, so it's good to know he's keeping his chin up and looking ahead. (I know, talk is cheap, etc.)
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