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Post-Game Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2016 12:42 am
CB Eli Apple

Postgame vs. Miami, August 12, 2016

Q: Can you tell us what happened when you got hurt?

A: I kind of just tweaked it a little bit on special teams, punt return. Just got a little bit off balance and I was trying to like hold up the guy that was blocking and kind of just tweaked it, but Iím feeling fine. Itís just a lower leg strain, itís gonna be fine.

Q: Do you think youíll be back in practice in two days?

A: Uh, weíll see, weíll see. Thatís what tomorrow is for.

Q: Is that the play where you recovered the fumble?

A: Nah, it wasnít that play. No.

Q: When it happened, did it give you a scare, at least initially?

A: Yeah, initially it did because Iíve never had that feeling before. I never had like knee problems but just after a while, just thinking and dealing with the trainers and getting a little treatment on it and getting the X-Rays and all that, it was fine.

Q: What was that feeling like?

A: It was just throbbing, kinda like just the outside of my knee. but itís fine now, just gotta put some ice on it and have some good maintenance on it.

Q: You ever have a feeling like that before?

A: Uh, no. That was the first time, but Iím gonna be fine. It was a strain.

Q: Was it disappointing to have to come out of your first game?

A: Yeah, for sure. You know, you get into a groove a little bit playing a lot of plays, playing on special teams and defense and then you want to stay out there a little bit, but I just knew I wasnít 100 percent and I just didnít want to cost my team or anything, so just one of those unfortunate situations.

Q: Did the weather delay sort of throw off some of the timing. You guys got your warm up, you go in the locker room, youíve got a routine, then you got this weather delay out there. What did it do to you in terms of feeling some of your anticipation?

A: Yeah, everybody was kind of hyped up a little bit to go out there at the normal time, but you know it kind of threw us off our routine a little bit, but when the game started we still had a high intensity. Our offense came out and executed pretty well and our defense was stopping them for the most part and then things kind of went a little south after that.

Q: Besides the injury, what was your first NFL experience like?

A: It was great. It was a lot of fun, for sure. Just special teams and a lot of running and all that stuff but it was fun being out there with the guys.

Q: How do you think you played?

A: I think I played okay. I played a little out of control sometimes. I could be a little better just with my technique and special teams as well, just keeping my attention to detail is one of the things, so just gotta fix it.

Q: When you look at the tape, what are the things you really want to hone in on?

A: Just the little details. Just recognizing things I could fix. Just keeping right leverage and trying to run plays because I kind of messed that up. I think one play I messed it up, let somebody get outside of me. Just on special teams making sure Iím doing everything correct.

Q: How did it feel with the first team defense, you were out there two series; two three and outs. A lot of pressure up front. Did you guys feel like you were cohesive like you talked about a lot this summer?

A: Yeah, it felt great being out there, playing with that defensive line. They were definitely getting to the quarterback and anytime youíre doing that, it definitely helps in coverage. You know you donít have to cover the guy too long. But our first team defense definitely did what weíve gotta do, itís just after that it was a little drop off with the second team, but you know weíre gonna fix that in practice.

Q: When you lost leverage, did you hear your momís voice in your head out there?

A: I heard coach Spagsí voice in my head and I heard it a lot when I got back to the sideline. Itís just one of those little things youíve gotta correct.

Q: What was going through your mind with the tackle on Stills on the sideline, right it was between you and a first down?

A: I mean, I had good initial coverage on him. He kind of pushed off at the top and I thought it was a first down, so I thought like ĎOh man, I canít believe ití but then I looked and saw the sticks about two yards short of it. It was just good competition on both sides.
The press has ADHD  
BestFeature : 8/13/2016 1:39 am : link
Reporter: Were you scared in regards to the injury?

EA: A little, I never had that feeling before.

Reporter: Did you have that feeling before?

Or something to that effect.
I saw that.....  
Photoguy : 8/13/2016 6:45 am : link
They must make a list of questions beforehand that they HAVE to ask, no matter what. Really redundant, and really stupid.
It's always disheartening to hear...  
BMac : 8/13/2016 8:07 am : link
...someone who is supposed to know the language (the reporter) use "hone in on."
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