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Post-Game Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/13/2016 12:56 am
DE Olivier Vernon

Postgame vs. Miami, August 12, 2016

Q: Did you get fired up more than you thought you would when you saw that uniform on the other side?

A: It just felt a little weird. I was just glad I could come out here with my teammates. We put up a good showing. Unfortunately, we didnít get the win, but a lot of the young guys made some great plays out there. So Iím happy to keep it moving.

Q: You said unfortunately we didnít get the win, but when the starting defense was on the field, you didnít give up any points or first downs. Projecting that over a game, how encouraged are you by that?

A: It just feels good with all the guys getting the blood flowing and running around. Making sure all the communication was right. Thatís the biggest thing in game one in live action. The biggest thing is to make sure the communication was right and everything was flowing. So Iím just looking forward to next week.

Q: Did you think youíd have a safety tonight?

A: All I know is that I had Tannehill in my hands. But it was good to get out there and run and not have to go against your teammates, and actually go against a different opponent. So it was great.

Q: Do you think Jason Pierre-Paul bumped you a little on that?

A: He got back there so fast. Sometimes we have to look after each other and not create friendly fire and collide into each other. But I was happy to come out today. Everybody came out healthy and now on to the next one.

Q: You guys werenít holding much back. It was a pretty crazy stunt on that.

A: The biggest thing right now is everybody being on the same page and everybody working together. Especially on the defensive line, if we see one guy gets out of his gap, we come in and replace him. Itís pretty much working together and having that chemistry going.

Q: Is that pressure when you and JPP were in the backfield, is that what you imagined when you signed here?

A: Honestly, JPP is extremely athletic and a monster, so I wouldnít expect anything less. Right now itís keeping it flowing and canít wait to be in Dallas.

Q: We had talked about defensive cohesion so much this camp, do you feel you guys were operating as one?

A: It felt good out there as far as communication goes. It felt really good, but I just canít wait to get out in Dallas to see how it really is.

Q: Who did you sub with on that pressure? Was it Hankins that you crossed over with?

A: Yes.
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