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Sunday Media Transcript: Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2016 3:10 pm
Head Coach Ben McAdoo

August 14, 2016

Q: How did you think Victor Cruz looked?

A: His groin is still bothering him a little bit.

Q: Is that the plan, what he did out there, is that dictated by him not feeling great with the groin?

A: It's still bothering him.

Q: Whatís the plan going forward with him?

A: Take a look at him tomorrow. He'll get treatment tonight, and then we'll take a look at him tomorrow and see how he's feeling.

Q: How long will Eli Apple be sidelined?

A: It's a muscle. He has a slight muscle strain.

Q: Did Ryan Nassib look more himself after the other night as far as his practice today?

A: Ryan is going to bounce back. He's a pro. He's a guy that is going to come in, he's going to prepare, he's going to go about his business the right way, and attack practice the same way he always has.

Q: Does everything with Victor change, because of the injuries he has had in the past? How do you have to handle him?

A: Like with any player, we had a couple of guys who were sore from the game. He didnít play in the game, but if he's not feeling up to par and can't push through, then he cannot practice.

Q: He hasn't played in two years; does that change for the way you have to handle it?

A: No, I listen to the medical report.

Q: Geremy Davis and his progression?

A: Geremy's hamstring is bothering him, but he's definitely taken a step so far this camp. He's a very conscientious guy. He's a hard worker, smart guy, quarterbacks trust him and can count on him.

Q: Have you noticed a difference on the field as a result of Andre Williamsí new physique?

A: Yeah, he's sleeker, definitely sleeker. Has a little more burst. He seems to be a man on a mission, so it's nice to see him respond with some carries last week. Letís see how he responds moving for.

Q: What do you think that mission is?

A: I think he wants to touch the ball

Q: Could you see a difference in him in the game?

A: I think there were a couple of shots of him dipping in and running out, and showing nice burst there on the perimeter. Put his pads down, ran behind his pads. He's always done that, though, he's always been able to move piles, he's just a little sleeker now.

Q: Is there a moment where you have to put a clock on what you see from Cruz and how fast he's coming along?

A: One thing you learn is that you never say never in this business. You never know when someone is going to turn the corner.

Q: What have you seen from Stansly Maponga this summer?

A: He does a nice job situationally. He'll flash in a pass rush for you. I think he has a skillset to work with and special teams. He just has to put it all together and be consistent and play with that fire every snap.

Q: How is Leon Hall coming along and whatís the plan with him going forward.

A: We'll get him a little more work this week. We'll evaluate and see how Eli (Apple) is doing and heíll have a chance to get more work, and weíll see how he does in a game.

Q: Is he picking it up, coming along?

A: He's played a lot of football, especially inside. So it's pretty natural for him.

Q: We are pretty far out, but are you expecting Eli Manning to play against Buffalo?

A: We'll see.

Q: One of the guys who seems to be in the mix is Adam Gettis, but he had a rough night the other night. Was he sick or anything?

A: He had a rough night. He needs to bounce back this week.

Q: He wasnít out there with the second unit today

A: We're going to get some other guys some opportunities in practice and in the game. Adam is going to have to fight his way back into the mix.

Q: What did you see from Emmett Cleary? It looked like he got an opportunity today.

A: I'm going to go and look at the film. I had my eyes on everything. The defense had a nice day today.

Q: Cleary was one of those guys who jumped in on the second teamÖ

A: Next man up. He was the next man up, he was in line, he's done a nice job for us. So he's going to get an opportunity. We're going to get a lot of guys an opportunity and see who wants it more.

Q: You said that Sterling Shepard would get individuals plus. Obviously he got plus today. Is he exactly where he needs to be?

A: I think he was a little sore too, but he fought through it. He got a little more than anticipated.

Q: You have a game under your belt now. Does anything change on what you're trying to get accomplished?

A: We're still in training camp mode right now. I mean we didnít do much to prepare for Miami. It was all about us, we wanted to throw guys into the fire and see how they responded and we'll do more of the same this week. We'll spend a little bit more time on Buffalo, but not much.

Q: When do you consider training camp over? Officially, it ends tomorrow, but in your mind does is keep going?

A: For a little bit. For a little bit. I'm not going to give you a set date. The vets breakÖthe five-year, our vet select group, breaks tomorrow night. But we still have the young guys around after that. So until after the Buffalo game, we're still in training camp mode.

Q: What can you take from the young receivers in a game like Friday where there wasn't a lot going on in the passing game? How do you evaluate that?

A: Thatís tough. I need to do a better job of getting those guys an opportunity. That's my responsibility, we didnít get enough balls in the air to them, and we need to take care of that this week. We need to give those guys a chance to make plays.

Q: How you feel about the linebackers?

A: I think that we have a lot of good competition right there. They're fighting through it. Jasper and Sheppard are competing inside. We have B.J. and he played a lot of snaps the other night and we see him getting better with reps.
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