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Sunday Media Transcript: OC Weston Richburg

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2016 3:29 pm
C Weston Richburg

August 14, 2016

Q: Weston, there were a limited number of snaps the other night, but how did you guys feel you did collectively as a starting O-Line?

A: I think we did some good things in the run game and that is what we wanted to come and do. We wanted to be physical and I know we talk about that all the time, but that really is the basis of what we want to do. I think we did some good things with our physicality. Communication, I thought, was good. I think we need to clean up the pass game a little bit and make sure we give whoever is back there plenty of time to make their throws and reads.

Q: Is anything consistent that was going on with the pass game? Or was it like different things popping up at different times?

A: I could not single it out to one thing, I think there were probably three or four or five different combinations of offensive lines out there. I think maybe some guys are not familiar with other guys but that is how preseason goes. You know guys are in there playing different positions, so we just have to adapt, adjust and make sure we get things right so we can move the ball and get some points.

Q: We have seen Odell coaching guys up and OV coaching guys up, what about you guys in the starting line? Are you guys coaching some of these younger offensive linemen during the game, especially considering some of them struggled a little bit?

A: Every time they come over, they come to the bench and we all circle up and if we have any tips or if I see something that one of the centers did or something that a guard did, we are able to go in and give them suggestions and help them. That is what we do during these preseason games, we really go over there and circle up when we are not out there and make sure we get things figured out with the younger guys.

Q: Have you seen a difference in the running style this year with Andre Williams?

A: Honestly, I don't even know who the running back is back there when we are going, so I don't know how. I have no idea. I don’t know but I am excited about it, though. I think we have some good guys back there that are hungry. Hungry like we are up front.

Q: As a center, you work with the quarterback all the time and Ryan Nassib has had so many good practices the last two years and good preseason games, but he struggled the other night. Do you pull him aside as the center and say, ‘Hey Ryan, bounce back, it’s okay. You will get it right in Buffalo’?

A: I think I pulled my offensive line aside. I think we didn't really help him out that much and I think he was under pressure a little bit and we kind of made it rough on him. I can only handle the guys that we have in our room. We get together on the sidelines and try to straighten things out and get things right and that is the only thing I can really worry about. Maybe I don't know anything about quarterbacks, so I am not going to go there, but I can encourage and that is my job as a good teammate, to encourage and help guys get over things like that.

Q: I know you guys are still focused mostly on yourselves, but are you going to look at a little bit of film maybe on Buffalo just because of their crazy defensive front?

A: I think we will, but that will come later in the week because they do have some pretty interesting stuff. I was watching the film from them last year and I was just looking at some of the things and I don't even know how we identified some stuff. Hopefully we get a couple of looks. but I don’t know how crazy they will get but I think we will be prepared.

Q: I don't think you guys scored an offensive touchdown with the first team until the third preseason game last year. Did it feel good to get one in the first preseason game?

A: It did feel good. I think we went out and like I said, I liked the physicality we had and I also liked our communication. I think we did a good job up front. There are still things we need to work on, but I think it was a good start, for sure.
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