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Thursday Media Transcript: Kicker Tom Obarski

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/18/2016 3:14 pm
Kicker Tom Obarski

August 18, 2016

Q: When did you realize that this might be a situation where you would start?

A: Coming into camp and going through the summer, it was apparent that Josh is a very good kicker and he's been a very good kicker for a long time in this league. Over the summer, I learned that he's just a great teammate and the guys that have come through here in the past have had a lot of success as they've come out of this program. It was great over the summer and through camp just to be able to get better and have a great teammate like him and a great pro like him, to be able to get better and an opportunity like this is what you hope for, so over the past couple of days it's been more of that opportunity but my preparation doesn't change with anything over the summer and through camp. My preparation has been the same and we'll keep moving forward from here.

Q: They told you a couple of days ago that you might be the guy week one?

A: As we came in and found out the news, I found out like everyone else and as that opportunity presents itself, it's an unfortunate circumstance. Like I said, our preparation doesnít change and we keep moving from here through the preseason.

Q: It's a weird thing because you hear in the news and it's not good news but it does present that opportunity for you, so what's the first reaction you have when you hear that?

A: The first reactions I had was just, the way I look at Josh, is his character and the great teammate that he is. You know, I've learned so much from him as to being a pro and just over the summer and through training camp. He's been so great through this process and, like I said, our preparation doesn't change. As that opportunity comes for week one, we'll continue to prepare and see what happens and I'll continue to lean on his pro-likeness that he's been able to give to me.

Q: Coach says that you are going to probably get a good portion of the kicks this weekend. Did he tell you that and what's your reaction?

A: I would love to get lots of kicks and lots of opportunities and I think that's something that everyone hopes for, especially in preseason, to be able to go out and showcase yourself and take hold of any opportunity that's there, so as we go into this game this weekend, we'll continue to move forward in the preseason and take hold of any opportunity that's there.

Q: Given the circumstances, has Josh pulled you aside and given you some extra advice on how to handle a bigger load?

A: I think throughout the whole process, through the summer and through camp, like I said, he's just such a pro and such a good teammate that he's just shared his experiences over the years. As you go through the summer and through camp and there's little things here and there that heís been able to shed light on for someone like me, a first year player. Just to be able to prepare yourself mentally and physically and his pro-likeness has been a great help.

Q: What about working with Zak DeOssie and Brad Wing as the holder, how has that been for you?

A: It's been an awesome group. It's a great opportunity to be here, working with Zak, Brad, Josh and Tyler, just all great guys and it's been a great specialist group to be able to grow and learn more and be better players.
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