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Thursday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/18/2016 4:39 pm
QB Eli Manning

August 18, 2016

Q: Eli, you are going to have an opportunity to get some snaps this weekend. Are you looking forward to it?

A: Definitely. I am looking forward to getting out there and for me, I havenít taken a hit or had some live action in a long time, so I am looking forward to getting out on the field, seeing what we can do with this offense, getting some live work with the receivers and running backs and offensive line, so we are going up against a good defense, multiple schemes, so it is going to be a good test for us and our communication on the road, using all of your --- things you have to do when you play on the road, so our communication and execution has to be good.

Q: Was being on the sideline last game unusual for you?

A: Well, I have had games where I have been on the sidelines. Not the first one, but you have to listen to the coachís orders. It is not something that I ideally like, just knowing that in the week getting kind of prepared for the game and knowing I am not going to play in it, but still try to watch film and kind of do some things, know the game plan like I was preparing, but the day of, there is a different feel when you know you arenít going to get out there on the field.

Q: How did you sort of mentally go through the day?

A: Everything kind of got a little thrown off. I was told that I wasnít going to dress at all and so I came in here early that day and got a full workout in and a run and did some things, so I was going to go out and just do a pre pregame and do some throwing with Odell and a few guys and then I was told that I had to dress and go through warm ups, so it changed my plan a little bit, but we went through that, but I didnít take a whole lot of reps.

Q: Jim Irsay made a comment that he didnít want to play Andrew Luck against Rex Ryan in the preseason. Do you have any particular concerns or awareness in this game?

A: No. You treat it like every other game, like every other preseason game. You go out there, try to do your job, play at a high level and just understand --- obviously I have been going against a Rex Ryan defense a bunch, regular season, preseason when he was with the Jets, so you have to understand that they are multiple, they like to bring some pressures and some blitzes and it is our job to get the ball out on time and be prepared for everything.

Q: Are you okay with him bringing the house or bringing exotic blitzes?

A: It is part of football, it is part of what they do and it will give us great work to handle it.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet Rex outside of football?

A: Yeah, Rex has always been very friendly to me. I have definitely seen him outside of a football game or outside of a football situation, so he has been very nice, a fun loving guy and has a lot of energy. I think he is entertaining.

Q: Do you find him funny?

A: I find Rex funny. I think he is a good coach, I think he has a good scheme and like I said, I think he is very entertaining and every run in I have had with him, he has been very nice and always had something creative to say.

Q: Did he ever apologize for the gash?

A: That wasnít his fault. He didnít do anything wrong. That was on me, so that was a good lesson that I learned on that. It wasnít because he came on some outrageous blitz or did anything wrong.

Q: He admitted that he did a little extra with the Jets when you guys would play in preseason. Could you see that on the field and were you aware of that mentality?

A: No. I didnít notice anything different.

Q: Is it concerning that you know you are going into your first game without Josh Brown?

A: I obviously just found out about this situation and, obviously, Josh has been a steady kicker for us, so going into Week One, you would like to have all of your weapons, but hopefully we will handle that when it comes up, but from an offensive standpoint, hopefully we donít have to settle for field goals and we can score touchdowns.

Q: When did you find out about that incident?

A: The other day just reading about it.

Q: Do you feel like you are starting to get on the same page with some of the newer receivers?

A: Well, I think the preseason games are very helpful. Every rep, every practice rep [helps]. You get certain concepts and certain routes, but going against different technique, different looks, different forms of defense, you are going to get a different reaction, so I think every live rep counts a little bit extra when you get in the game, in the preseason game, so I am looking forward to getting out there and working some concepts with some of the young guys and getting on the same page with them, making sure that we are where we need to be.

Q: Youíre a team leader. Obviously youíve been here for a long time, youíre the quarterback. Do you feel the need to talk to the team or Josh or anyone when an incident like that happens?

A: I donít think there is a whole lot to say. To the team, if Josh wants to say something, he can explain his case. I donít know a whole lot of details about what happened. I know heís been suspended and thatís about all I know.

Q: Eli, what about your tight ends? We donít really talk about them that much but it looks like you have a nice mix of talent in there. What excites you about that group this year?

A: I think we have some experience. Obviously Larry (Donnell) has been around and has had some good years. Heís back healthy and making plays as a big target. Will Tye did a great job last year stepping in and making some big plays for us. A good run-after-catch guy. Having both those guys and now having them both on the field possibly at the same time and putting them in different spots is exciting. You can be very multiple when you have two tight ends and put them in different areas. Youíll get some mismatches in our favor. Youíve also got a couple of young guys stepping up and doing some nice things in the tight end position. The more weapons you can have and put in different spots you can create one-on-one matchups and I feel like those guys can win the one-on-one matchups.

Q: What did you think of Ryan Nassib on Friday?

A: I thought Ryan got some bad breaks on some things. I think he was going to the right spots and made the good decisions and checks. Itís just one of those deals where balls get tipped up. He was throwing go routes, throwing the ball down the field. You could make a couple of better throws but thatís football. Heís doing the right things, being aggressive and you donít want to take that away. Just keep doing it, knowing the next game you make that throw you wonít get that bad bounce.

Q: What have your interactions with Victor Cruz been and is it frustrating for him to not be on the field?

A: Just trying to keep him positive, in the mix and in the loop of whatís going on. Hopefully he can get back soon and get back to work.

Q: What have you seen from your only French receiver (Dable)? He seems to be making more plays.

A: He is. You kind of see him starting to play faster and having a better understanding of what is going on. I think there is a learning curve obviously for him. A talent curve also going against different cornerbacks with better ability than what he was used to. Just working his releases and being able to make the tough catches. Heís making some catches where heís not necessarily wide open, but thatís what you like to see. Heís a big body guy that can run and heís doing some nice things. Iím excited for him.

Q: In practice youíre going against a first and second year safety. How do you see them meshing?

A: Both of them are talented. Itís not one of those deals where you say, Ďhey, attack these guys.í Theyíre both very talented and both playmakers. Iíve been impressed with what theyíre doing. They both seem to be on the same page getting everyone lined up and in the right spots. Theyíre making plays.

Q: Do you expect Cruz to play for you this year?

A: No reason not to. Hopefully he can get back to practice, get rolling and have a big year for us.
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