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Tuesday Media Transcript: Kicker Randy Bullock

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/23/2016 5:30 pm
Kicker Randy Bullock

August 23, 2016

Q: How does it feel to be back here at the Meadowlands?

A: Feels great, I feel at home, and I am kind of familiar with the area. It's awesome.

Q: What did they tell you about how long this is going to last and how long it could last?

A: They really didnít get into specifics of the situation. They told me that I am here to compete and the best guy would stick around. That is the way that I am taking it and it doesnít affect my preparation, regardless.

Q: So you think you have a shot at potentially winning this job?

A: Yes, that is the way I am taking it, and that's what I was told. I am here to compete and to try and be an asset to the team.

Q: What do you think you have to prove to them that you can do that job?

A: I have to get out here and make my kicks. I have to show consistency and that is pretty much everything a kicker has to do to be one of the 32 guys who has a job in the National Football League.

Q: Have you and Josh Brown spoken since you arrived?

A: Yeah, absolutely. Josh has welcomed me and he is a good guy, so I have enjoyed my time getting to know him.

Q: How unique is it coming into a situation like this?

A: Any situation, you want to have an opportunity. It doesnít matter what time it is, when you are a free agent you are out there working, hoping your phone rings. I was excited for the opportunity.

Q: From a financial standpoint, they need a kicker for week one and if you are on the roster for week one, your salary is guaranteed for the season. Is that something that you thought about that you like?

A: I really havenít thought about it, to be honest. My goal is to play here 17 weeks, not just one week, so regardless, if I play 17 weeks, I get my salary. That is on the backburner, I am not concerned about that at all.

Q: Were you ever considering that the call may not come at this point or do you sit there and say it always comes?

A: No, I was confident. We have had some teams reach out to us. I was confident that I would get another opportunity to go in and work out. Once you get the workout, that is on you to win the job, so that was the situation I was in.

Q: You have heard what has been going on with Josh. Does that make it a little awkward with the situation with him and the discussions you have had with him?

A: To be honest, I really don't know anything about the situation he is going through. I don't know any specifics and it is none of my business and that is his business. As far as anything else goes, I am here to prepare and get ready for each preseason game and as long as they keep me and make a name for myself here.

Q: So just to be clear, you and Josh have not discussed the accusations against him?

A: No, I have not discussed it at all.

Q: Have you been at a camp yet, or no?

A: No, this is my first training camp this year.

Q: Were you surprised? You did a pretty good job last year, were you surprised you didnít at least get a shot?

A: I was a little disappointed, but it is a business and you never know how it is going to work out. In the meantime, I continued to work and I felt like I had a pretty good year last year, so I was going to be ready for an opportunity whenever it presented itself.

Q: When did the Giants call you on Sunday?

A: They called me on Sunday morning

Q: And you were back in Texas?

A: I was in Houston, Texas

Q: What did last year do for your confidence? Was it important?

A: I think it was big. If you get released, and for me to still have the opportunity to continue being on the workout circuit and win a job, play half the season and do well, I think that is great. It is a lot easier to prepare and do stuff when youíre within an organization than it is on the streets. I was trying to workout on my own at high school facilities and stuff like that. It was definitely beneficial for me to get my foot back in the door.

Q: What did the Jets communicate to you when your contract ran out? Did you guys talk at all about coming back?

A: Yeah, we did. We stayed in touch all off-season and I wasnít really sure how it was going to work out, but that is in the past. This is where I am and I am happy to be here.

Q: What is it like to see a familiar face in Damon "Snacks" Harrison?

A: He is a good guy. He was over with the Jets with me, so I got the opportunity to visit with him a little bit earlier this morning.

Q: You have always had a strong leg, but the touchback rules are a little bit different. Does that affect you?

A: To be honest, I am going to have to talk to the special teams coordinator and see how we will do that. I don't know if it will be a week-to-week thing or how the field position battle will change with that new rule. That is still new to me and I am still learning the ropes and seeing how they are going to do everything.

Q: Have you practiced it?

A: Yes, I have. I have a golf bag and you have to be able to have different clubs, so that is the way I see it.
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