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Thursday Media Transcript: DT Damon Harrison

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2016 4:55 pm
DT Damon Harrison

August 25, 2016

Q: How much do you hate the Jets?

A: I don't hate them at all, I don't hate too many teams in the league. It's just a game, it'll be fun to get out there and play with my former teammates and some guys I consider family.

Q: Does it help at all that it's a preseason game?

A: No, I kind of hate that it's a preseason game. Because, again, all games count, preseason or not but it would be that much more fun and exciting if it was a regular season game and if it was a year ago.

Q: How much communication have you had with your former teammates leading up to this game?

A: Well the D-line, we talk, I'm going to say every other day; Muhammad (Wilkerson), Sheldon (Richardson), Leonard (Williams), T.J. Barnes, Stephen Bowen. I'm sure it would be more if we weren't in camp but I talk to those guys all time, not only the D-line but a lot of the guys on offense and defense.

Q: Have they been razzing you about the game?

A: I told them we're just going to leave that for Saturday, whenever it is, I think it's Saturday. I told them I was going to leave it there so letís just not talk about it now.

Q: How does this defensive line and the defensive room here compare to that one?

A: Oh man, I really canít get into comparisons, it's really not fair to either side to even do that. These guys, I'm just still getting to know them so it wouldn't be right for me to formulate a solid opinion on them yet, but so far so good.

Q: When you're on the field, who's voice are you hearing most behind you?

A: Well it's been different because the linebacker rotation it's been changing a lot; I guess they're still trying to figure some things out. But, Jasper (Brinkley), JC (Jonathan Casillas) and JT (Thomas). Those are the consistent voices I hear.

Q: Wasn't that long ago that you admitted that you don't feel like a Giant, thereís still some Jet blood in you...Youíve kind of indicated that it's still an adjustment for you, is it still that way?

A: Well I mean, I played a few games as a Giant since that comment, I would like to think. Yeah, it's coming along nicely. Again, it's still different, I'm a guy, I don't like change at all, I like consistency, I like everything to be the same every single day. I definitely have been embracing it a whole lot more now.

Q: I know you guys have done some game planning for them, how different is it to not have to go after Ivory in the backfield?

A: Forte is a good back, he's an older back but heís still a really good back. But I'll tell you, the funny thing is just to watch your former team on the field and watch the guys you're going up against and spoke to everyday for the past four years. That's been weird, and you know, to actually hear opinions from other teams and what they think about guys, that's funny man. That's real funny.

Q: Does it reinforce your opinions or change your opinions of those guys?

A: It reinforces it, because sometime it's spot on. Like I asked one coach today 'how did you know?' and he told me but I don't want to get too deep into that but yeah they're right.

Q: You've been in both locker rooms now, is there any rivalry left between the Giants and the Jets? If so, how does it manifest itself?

A: I wouldn't call it a rivalry; I think itís more for the fans. And you know, a respect thing around the town, seeing each other out, the Giants and the Jets but as far as Cowboys-Giants and Jets-Patriots, it's not that kind of rivalry

Q: Was this game a bigger deal when Rex Ryan was around?

A: Everything was a big deal. Everything. He made you believe that every game, every snap, everything mattered, as do a lot of coaches. But it was just a little different with Rex, and he wanted the Snoopy Bowl more than some others.

Q: You practiced against this offensive line before, have you ever gone full speed against them?

A: Against our O line?

Q: Against the Jets.

A: Yes, I'm a big guy so I wouldn't consider it full speed but yes, in training camp definitely, and during the season we had on shoulder pads quite a bit during my time there, even into the season.

Q: Do you know what to expect from them?

A: Oh yeah, you want me to tell you more?

Q: Who are you looking forward to going against?

A: I'm excited to see everybody, but the entire O-line. It'll be fun to have on a different jersey and go up against them. It'll be weird at first, but hopefully Mangold gets to play, because we've always had some good battles. He's still one of the better centers in the league and you know that'll be the last time before his last preseason game.

Q: Have you guys talked about bringing the Snoopy Trophy back?

A: No, I couldn't remember the name of it until somebody just told me. So, it's not that big of a deal. It is for the fans so we care about it.
Those are some dumbass questions  
gersh : 8/25/2016 9:35 pm : link
Why should he hate the Jets?
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