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Thursday Media Transcript: Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2016 5:16 pm
Wide Receivers Coach Adam Henry

August 25, 2016

Q: What have you seen from Victor in the past couple of days?

A: I've seen progress with Victor. It's going along, slowly but surely. So just taking our time with him. But I'm optimistic.

Q: You're one of the few guys here who's never worked with him before this year. Is that difficult, or do you get a new perspective?

A: No. I look at each situation totally different. It doesn't matter if I haven't worked with him. I consider myself a coach, so coaching different players that do different things. But the transition has been really, really good. For him, as a person, he's a hard worker, he wants to learn, he's doing all the things he needs to do to be successful.

Q: What have you learned from Victor, not just as a receiver but as a person?

A: Just as a person, he has many talents. He likes to do a lot of other things besides being a football player. But he is a good person.

Q: When you see a veteran with the kind of summer that he's had, with the ups and downs, do you find a way to get through to him? Howís the last couple of weeks been with him one on one?

A: Always. I'm always going to be optimistic, I'm always going to be positive. That's just who I am, and the type of coach that I am. So I'm always there for him, just talking to him, whether it's football or not football. But he's always been upbeat, always been positive about the situation. Just taking it slowly with him. But as far as the mental aspect, you can see him growing as a person, as a player. Mentally, he's in a good place.

Q: Does Sterling seem more like a rookie, or less like a rookie?

A: He's got a ways to go. There are a lot of learning curves, situationally smart in an NFL game. Again, he works hard, that's the biggest thing that you want from a player. He's out there, he likes to have fun, he's smiling, he loves to work. When you hold him out of plays, he gets upset. So, those are the things that you look for in players.

Q: Who gets more upset when you hold them out of plays, him or Odell?

A: Both. It's different. So they compete, and so what we try to instill is just positive peer pressure, then a room of making plays and being a playmaker and working hard, finishing plays and things of that nature. That's the collective group was taking ownership of that group and just working hard.

Q: You've coached Odell in the past, and now you're coaching him here. How different is this Odell then the player that you coached at LSU?

A: He's a little different. Of course, New York, the media. It's just things are different. There are receivers that I've coached at LSU that are at some other places, so he's different because of the NFL and the things he's done so far. So of course, he's grown as a person. At LSU, everything was so enclosed, and being in college, going to class or back. Even though, LSU football is a big deal, it was just a little different.

Q: Different in a positive way or a negative way?

A: It's just the media. It's just, it's expounded. A lot of the plays that he did at LSU and making plays, he's always done that.

Q: LeBron was not in contact with him?

A: That's a little different. But again, he works hard. He's one of the hardest workers in the group. He's doing everything that we ask of him as a staff.

Q: What has Tavarres King done to separate himself?

A: He's been consistent, making plays down the field. Just each and every day, just working on his craft. I've seen some good things from him.

Q: What about Roger Lewis Jr, how much progress has he made and where do see him at this point?

A: He's making progress every day and again he's a hard worker. He's willing to learn, he's always with the other quarterbacks, asking questions. He asks a lot of questions; he writes a lot of notes down. Just in translating the things in his brain, and what he needs to do. From a player point of view, from the first day, heís really grown, he's progressed.

Q: Did he start at a lower point; he came from a different kind of offense- more college?

A: The college game is different. So it's the situations, because a rep is like a bar of gold. So when you have an ability to get in there and get a rep, and to learn, it's a learning curve. Again, because of the offenses in college and the style of going fast and things of that nature, itís just different.

Q: With your receivers, how interchangeable do they have to be or how interchangeable are they now?

A: They're all interchangeable; just play receiver. So, thatís the thing, it's just learning the concept, the conception of how a play is unfolded. Not just learning a certain position. You always want to put yourself in a position to play that next best player. So as far as the X receiver or Z receiver, we just have receivers and so they're interchangeable. Of course we need to put them in spots to be successful.
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