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Monday Media Transcript: TE Will Tye

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2016 3:39 pm
TE Will Tye

August 29, 2016

Q: What did you hear from the coaching staff about the blocking at the tight end position and how it fits with the rest of what the offensive line is doing?

A: Blocking is very important. Itís huge, especially on those stretch runs getting the edge or in the backfield. Itís definitely huge for the tight end position.

Q: Was there much criticism after that game the other night?

A: Constructive, good criticism, you need that definitely to move forward. You need that.

Q: How do you react when Ben McAdoo obviously was talking about you and your blocking publicly? How do you take that?

A: You have to get better, improve. Come out to practice the next day, pay attention in the film room, watch more film. Details, definitely. First step, second step, everything about it.

Q: Sometimes itís made into a simplistic type of situation, like just block better. What do you focus on? How do you become a better blocker when you really donít have too many opportunities to get into live speed until you get out there in the game?

A: Once again, film work. You look at your certain game or practice that you missed a few blocks at. Your hand placement, whether itís too high or too low, and your footwork. Thatís really important not just in route running but in blocking.

Q: How much were you get asked to block at Stony Brook?

A: Very little. Very little, but I can get the job done.

Q: They wanted to get the ball in your hands, right?

A: Right.

Q: How about at Florida State?

A: Fifty-fifty.

Q: So do you feel that you come in with a good skillset for it or is it kind of an open book that you have to clean up here?

A: The skillset for it, definitely. Being shorter, I might be lower to the ground, to the gravity. It makes it easier for me sometimes, especially when Iím in the position to block, but I can get the job done.

Q: For someone like Larry Donnell, heís so big and tall he always has to get lower, do you feel like youíre built to be a good blocker?

A: Yes, yes I do.

Q: Is it a mentality? Itís not where the glory is.

A: Itís definitely a mentality. You just have to know that when that snap goes, you have to go no matter what it is.

Q: When you got here last year as a free agent, the focus had to be on making an impact on offensive production right? Isnít that where you felt thatís how you had to make the team to begin with?

A: Any way. Whether itís special teams, offense or defense, blocking or receiving. I know definitely that receiving is a strong point for me. I definitely try and excel at that the highest I can.

Q: How different is the offense when you have a game plan as opposed to a preseason vanilla?

A: Thereís a difference, thatís for sure. You can definitely feel it. Youíre more zeroed in on that defensive end or linebacker thatís going to guard you or try and hit you. You can focus in a little more instead of jumping around at different details. Itís a little different, yes.

Q: Any part of you this week look back to about a year ago at where you were and where you are now? How different is this week emotionally for you?

A: Itís different. Last year I was definitely nervous and I didnít know what was going on. I have a little more confidence definitely, I can feel it.

Q: Do you feel like youíre playing a lot faster offensively? A lot more comfortable out there?

A: I do. I am playing a lot faster, but I know I can play and still get better at it.
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