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Monday Media Transcript: WR Tavarres King

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2016 5:11 pm
WR Tavarres King

Aug. 29, 2016

Q: How many phone calls and texts did you get over the weekend?

A: A pretty good bit, man. A lot of love from back home, my college friends, a lot of people.

Q: You are kind of one of those guys who is almost there. Do you feel like you have made your statement saying you should be on the roster?

A: I have made a pretty good case, but you know my job is not to make the decision, it is to force them to make a tough decision. I think that is something that they are going to have to do, but I feel pretty confident in the way I played and what I am doing and how I am doing it. I feel pretty optimistic about it.

Q: Have you gotten any special teams time?

A: Yeah, I play special teams. The first, second and third game, I played with special teams so I played a pretty good bit.

Q: Do you have practice squad eligibility left?

A: Not to my knowledge, I don't think so

Q: So this next week is kind of important?

A: Yeah, it is big, it has been big and has always been big. It has always been something that I have strived for, so hopefully I can turn the corner.

Q: With the depth that they have here in the wide receiver corps, how tough is it being one of the 4th or 5th guys?

A: It is extremely tough, but we pride ourselves on being a big group that makes the thing go. We have some great great guys in the room and we all want to see each other be successful, so it is tough, but we embrace it.

Q: What kind of feedback from the coaching staff do you get after a game like you had?

A: Man, you know, I played good, there was a lot of good on there and there was a lot of bad on there. There were some things that I could have cleaned up. So you take the good as you take the good and then the bad as you take the bad. You kind of stay even-keeled.

Q: How much did the practice squad last year help you this year?

A: So much, I mean anytime you get the opportunity to go up against Pro Bowlers like DRC daily, day in and day out, you get tremendous reps and you get the opportunity to hone in on your craft. Those guys coach you up as well, so it was phenomenal for me to be able to go up against DRC on a daily basis.

Q: What about the fact that you knew the offense when you came here and some of the other guys did not?

A: Yeah, that was huge. It was huge being able to know the offense, know my coaches, know how they wanted me to run routes and knowing what E (Eli) and Ryan (Nassib) want from a receiver standpoint was a big thing.

Q: So that was your first touchdown since college the other night?

A: Yeah, it was. It was a long time.

Q: What was the last touchdown you scored at Georgia? Do you remember?

A: We were playing Nebraska in the bowl game and I think it was the Capital One Bowl.

Q: How much do you need to see something like that from yourself, just to be able to continue at a high level?

A: Well, I know what is there, I know that I am a good player; I know that I can play this game. It is definitely great to get in the end zone in a preseason game.

Q: Was there some part of you that was thinking about Ryan Nassib, too? I mean, he has had a tough preseason, but he was able to put it all together at the end and get you those two opportunities?

A: Certainly, it was great to see Ryan settle down and make some nice throws and nice adjustments and some nice plays. It was all around a good team win.
Thats tough  
giantgiantfan : 8/29/2016 8:17 pm : link
seems like there is 3 guys fighting for that last spot. To make matter worse, the offense has been so bad no one has had a lot of opportunities. May the best win.
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